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This place we now find ourselves in, in history, where Human aggression is recognized as being a universal paramount in the fight for global survival..

Where in the face of Russian warmongering and charging Chinese military expansionism?
Where in the uncertainty of the volatility and utterly predictable intentions of second string nuclear nations, such as North Korea, Israel, India , Pakistan, South Africa and, soon, Iran, there can be no promise of security from the possibility of spontaneous outbreak of nuclear hostilities.?
Where the USA, because of the trajectories of its diabolical, episodic electoral swings, In that every four years the political spectrum and its spinning wheel of alliances and militaristic articulations change to render the nation as predictably unreliable militarily and, essentially, heading towards being a potential fortress unto itself?
Where nuclear NATO and Europe wallow in a quagmire of indecision and bickering between themselves rendering them, collectively, insignificant?
Where emergent South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and several South American nations are currently being backed into a position where they are being forced to militarize, to join the nuclear club for their own survival?
Where the Jihadists will ultimately procure and utilize a nuclear device in the most spectacular manner possible….to further their own ends?

There have been 106 major wars fought since 1945. Many of them brushfire wars between populations within a single or neighboring nation, the like of which are still being fought in countries such as Nigeria, the Congo, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Yemen. Wars where people are being brutalized, dispossessed, killed and *****, daily. Where thousands are made refugees having to abandon their homes, their lives and their families in the face of brute force and extreme violence. Wars which are completely ignored by much of the rest of the world. Ignored because they don’t touch the comfortable normality of everyday life, the harmony of an existence without the threat of violent death by marauding gunmen or suicide vest explosives.

We in peaceful corners of the world live in a fool’s paradise because the threat of sudden widespread thermonuclear war has never been so immanent, so poised to erupt, since that of the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962 where Kennedy and Khrushchev were within a hairs breadth of unleashing nuclear armageddon on the world. Sanity prevailed then, a compromise was reached where nuclear armaments were mutually removed from Poland and Cuba and the world entered the phase of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). An insanity which berthed the age of Détente.

And so it has been till now. A balancing act where nuclear nations tip toed around each other stretching the limits of confrontation without actually trespassing to the threshold.

Putin has passed the threshold with his extended invasion of Ukraine, He had the opportunity of freezing hostilities and retaining Donbas and the Crimean peninsula for Russia. He twice declined this opportunity and reinforced his attack on the Ukrainian people. Biden’s USA dug in as did the nations of NATO declaring their intention to militarily support the  forces of Ukraine for as long as it took to force Russia’s hand.
An impasse which hovers both sides on the very brink of nuclear confrontation.

China skips back and forth playing peacemaker to the UN and brother in arms to its Communistic ally, Russia. Yet all the while China trumpets its ultimate destiny of world ******* by force. Flexing her muscle in the Spratley and Paracell islands of the South China sea where she has expanded coral atolls into fortified military airfields threatening the free trade sealanes between Asia and the world. China now claims the South china sea as her own sovereign territory and patrols this seaway aggressively with armed warplanes and warships.

China confronts the Seventh Fleet of the USA navy over her demand of ownership of Taiwan, the forces are nose to jowel with fingers on the trigger. Taiwan is the world leader in production of microchips, They have the factories and the raw materials, Taiwan own the secrets of the processing. China are desperate to get this technology… and they need it now for further development of their computer and space research development. They have threatened Taiwan with military maneuvers and declarations of intention to invade. The only thing stopping them is the standoff with the USA military. Hair trigger stuff which is so volatile it could erupt at any time.

I gaze out the window here in the beautiful green foothills of Mt. Taranaki in New Zealand. The Tasman sea extends out for miles as a peaceful, shimmering deep blue visage. The air is warm and still in this early Autumn harmony. Birds fly by, farmers till their fields bringing in the season’s crop of maize. Harmony, peace and beauty reign supreme. A masterpiece of order and something of immense value to all who live here and share it……But for how long before it all becomes destruction, despair and subjugation. How long before the aggression and the greed for power reaches out to this far outpost of humanity to crush the life out of it with it’s sudden, vast, violent and toxic nuclear fist?

The way humanity is going right now?…..NOT LONG!

I listened to a podcast recently where this question was put to a number of philosophers, scientists, authors and national leaders…..”When will War End?”
The consensus of opinion was that war has always been a part of mankind’s makeup. Only humans and Chimpanzees wage war and only humans do it with a visceral passion.
When humans wage peace…they get bored! Peace is boring!  …genuinely this was a common theme.
The group saw warfare as an inherent part of man’s competitive nature, they saw it as a compilation of greed, ego, lust for power and assets.

When will war end? Certainly not in my lifetime, probably never!
Live with it, they said!

M@Foxglove,Taranaki NZ
Mar 3 · 57
Right of the Might
Across this world of wide expanse
Of peoples of all hue,
There dwell a breed who call the shots
At best, they're far and few.
Elitists in their chosen field
They lead through halls of wealth,
To wield the club of power
With a callousness and stealth.
Unencumbered by remorse,
Self consciousness or guilt,
They ply their craft implacably
With blades ******, to the hilt.
Nobody treads their path by day
Nor ventures near by night
For fear is the factor plied
Upon those few, who might?

Thuggery by virtue
Of it's purity and strength
Defeats the hand of righteousness
And it's limitation's length.
Influence through wealth and power,
Politics and might,
Ensures the threat of challenge
Is minimized, outright.
Ensures the chance of coup d'état
Is nipped, quite in the bud....
And any hint of a transgression
Indicates you're for the rub.
Control here is the absolute
And menace, the means,
Of town and State and Nationhood seems!

Doctoring the syllabuses
Manipulating schools,
Ensuring that the emphasis points
To Strength.... to laugh at fools.
From idolizing sporting stars
Who break the rules at will,
To buying off the referee
To guarantee the ****.
The new Mercedes waiting
Just offstage, there in the wings
All dependent on that chosen
Presentation team that sings?
Back handers at container ports
Consignments sent astray
Narcotics for the Power brokers
Ensures they scoop the day!

Extrapolated to today
Where double standards rate,
Where settlers on the West bank
Of Judea earn the hate....
Of the dispossessed of Palestine
Who are hounded from their land
Whilst the Fat Cats in Washington
Offer Israel, their hand?
Yet, seemingly, duplicitous
That very same Decree
Siphons billions to Ukraine
To prevent mad Russia's hungry spree?
Forgive me the confusion here
For I am, but a man....
But is not this a juxtaposition
Here, Involving land???

Tomorrow's cold betrayal
In yesterday's hot win
Smacks of loss of bold cohesion
And fearful, dabbling in Sin.
Black is to White now
As White is now to Black
And the marginalization
Means there's no going back,
For the die is hard and solid caste
And the future is full clear
That the mania of mankind's
Final ****** demise is near...
That our values are shot to Hell
With the message on the wall
Hallelujah's gone, friend
And there aint no **** recall!

M@Foxglove, Taranaki NZ
3 March 2023
Vermillion streaks in stratus, dark
Against the very heart of night,
Bands of deep red in the shroud
Portend approaching cyclone's might.
Morning shards of  fractured cloud
Stream across a shattered sky,
Smothered sun in shadowed orb
Against where apprehension's lie.

South East winds arising now
Tussock billowing in dale
Trees commence a windward thrash
In lieu of kiss of coming gale.
Greyness of a leaden sea
In the lee of storm's approach,
Beneath the streaming sand dunes
The seagulls shelter, in reproach.

Mounting gusts of boisterous wind
Cascade along the lamp lit way
Schoolgirls shriek as skirts fly high
And ominously, skies turn grey.
Supermarkets, in the city
Teem with queues in panic buy,
Grab bags now the urgent item
Just in case the flooding's high.

Traffic blocks the bridge and byways
Wan in headlights falling rain,
Anxiously, the need to be home
Frought anticipation's pain.
All the birds have disappeared
Vanished, in the sudden still,
Eery in the misting rainfall
Frightening, in a mystic chill.

Havoc as she sets upon us
Howling wind and teeming rain,
Horizontal onslaught blasting
Gabriella's Song by name!
Bridges under siege with flooding
Trees down over roads,
Monstrous waves in tidal surging
Causing coastal overloads.

Imprisonment by sandbags
As flooded rivers overflow
In blinding rain of maelstrom teeming
Anywhere and everywhere you go.
Inundated cars on freeway
Flashing hazards submerged deep,
Rescued souls lost, bewildered
In sudden-ness disaster reaps.

Massive trees are torn asunder
Blasted foliage thrashing wild
Torrents rage through streambed gullies
Gabrielle, destruction's child!
Aftermath of horror's silence
Hollow eyed and gaping jaw
A nightmare for your sanity?
Nay,  Gabriella's Song.... is flawed.

M@Foxglove,Taranaki NZ
A direct hit by Cyclone Gabrielle on a vulnerable New Zealand, adrift in the vast South Pacific Ocean
Feb 5 · 282
Writers Block
Apprehension made you pause
To study the attrition clause,
Ascertain the forward path,
Condescend to actually ask....
Condescend to feel the heat
Of the artwork at your feet.

M@Foxglove,Taranaki NZ
Quietly, lightly

This path I wrote
with missed
twists and turns
and trip wires
made of pit
vipers camouflaged
in ****** stripes
the color
of Bumble Bees
that make me
humbly I ask
me please
I hear foot steps
quietly, lightly
on the trail
behind me.

Bright, they shone in morning sun
Eccentrically, they glowed as one,
Briefly in the morning light
Extinguishing their flame, by night.
Softly then, in morning mist,
To vanish in fame's tragic twist.

Marilyn and Judy

Not everyone can be a star
no matter how we wish for heavenly light
most of us will not illuminate the night
those who burn and seem so bright
will oft ignite and fall
burning cinders
merely human after all.

Betty January 14
Virtue lies in simple lines
Unencumbered by the times,
Same old song's familiar tune
Breeds contentiousness's classic rune....

"That worrisome and trouble lurks
So deep in thoughts, where trouble works."

Shed ye the dark within, old friend,
Then whisper, soft, thy song again.

M@Foxglove,Taranaki NZ
5th February 2023
That Same Old Song

Why carry this weight?
Does reward await
some years ahead
but...before I'm dead?
Is there virtue in the same pain
felt again and again,
that same old song
I've been singin' for so long?

JP Midwest USA
Jan 28 · 86
Exceptional She....
Object or subject, a misogynistic twin
Sewing paradigm shift’s generational whim.
From exceptional woman to pedestrian man
Flows abuse from birth to beyond the pram….
A seismic shift in entitlements class
Paints a Promethean twist to a white camels ****.

Martyrdom’s surrogate threat is at rest
When ubiquitous *** is put to the test,
Where ardent desire is balanced by blame
With the hint of precociousness tinged, with shame.
Gentility sacrificed, shabby at best,
As virility's vanity fails the test.

Slumming in alcohol, hookers and drugs
Worming it all with the snails and the slugs
Tasting a virginal, transcendent plan,
Proffering opportunities chance in a man
Offering she, now…. to give it a whirl……
Magnanimously, Babe, in his ****, fool world.

A surreptitious observation of “they” at play.
29 January 2023
Jan 10 · 143
Accidentally on Purpose
I really didn't mean it, promise I never even seen it  
done it accidentally on purpose instead
when its comes to purpose, I’m renowned for being earnest  
besides you secretly enjoy being completely misled

accidentally on purpose, accidentally on purpose
rules don’t have the same applicability
its only just a circus, when its accidentally on purpose
its a far lower threshold of culpability  

don't do me this disservice, it was accidentally on purpose,
please consider when apportioning blame
when its accidentally on purpose, almost doing you a service    
the blame is not even close to the same

There’s a thing called caveat emptor, its supposedly there to protect ya
sadly not against other’s intentionality  
when its accidentally on purpose, this rule’s completely out of service
tis writ in the annals of human morality    

accidentally on purpose, accidentally on purpose
usual rules they just don't apply,
accidentally on purpose, that’s why you cannot deter us
it permits me to self-indemnify  

Pete Granger DDA
Another from the pen of "Piddles" Granger.
Jan 10 · 60
On Wally Marks
It was with considerable sadness to learn of the recent passing of Bass local, Wally Marks.

For many years Wally operated plant-stalls at South Gippsland markets...including Wonthaggi and Grantville. He specialised in the bargain-basement bush business.

He was pushing 90, near deaf, failing eyesight, and could barely stay upright in a stiff breeze. In his lifetime he had the smarts and energy to make a bob or two. So, grafting-away at his advanced age was purely optional. It obviously gave his life real meaning. He enjoyed meeting people, having a chat, dispensing advice, and transacting. It was his opportunity to socially-connect on his terms. Moreover, he was very driven in his endeavours  – perhaps the legacy of a pretty tough childhood back in England.

Inside his living room there was a dust-laden photo of a remarkably handsome pair on their wedding day. His better-half had died long before. Muttering under his breath he once declared this had coincided with the time ‘everything started to go wrong’. However, he was the most stoic of individuals, and not prone to self-pity. His therapy was to busy himself out of his often self-induced loneliness. This was all the more remarkable given significant physical disabilities.

Outdoors, he staggered around like a cat on hot coals. When the weather improved he went native, un-self-consciously sporting nothing more than an unflattering, oversized pair of underpants. Sometimes even less. This gave the rather surreal impression of being in the presence of a venerable Indian mystic. Hobbling along, he would grasp at every approaching physical support within arms length. He would seed, plant and propagate, by which time there was no remaining energy or inclination for the more mundane task of tidying up the accumulating crap. Or perhaps he simply confined it to his peripheral vision.

Consistent with his exceptional stubbornness and independence, any attempt to assist him clear the mounting backlog was met with the most emphatic refusal. He liked it just the way it was, and didn't give a hoot what others thought.

He did not ask for any favours, nor shy away from speaking his mind. Ordinarily, compromise was not the subject of negotiation. Conversely, he was very forthcoming and helpful with advice to his customers. There was a soft side to him, but it could be eclipsed by his exceptional mental toughness, independence and defiance.

Somehow, he would load up his van every weekend and drive to the market de-jour. One expects he was sweating on the advent of driverless vehicles to enable him to continue for all eternity.

Wally had no compelling need to endure all this, and in reality no longer had the physical capacity to do so. However, he purposefully and courageously willed his way through the process until the day his spirit was snatched away. Snatched, but by no means meekly surrendered. His life therefore was one of purposeful struggle. Which made it full of meaning, or conversely as meaningless as those drawn to the fervent building of elaborate sand castles at low tide. Take your pick.

It may be argued his life could have been more comfortably spent. But comfort was not in his lexicon. He was not your born-again Ikea man, and clearly did not treat his home as a pristine retreat from the minor calamity outdoors. Indeed, his inside and outside worlds were indistinguishable, even for his beloved four-legged friends Curly and cat. Socially, this was obviously problematic, but it did not seem to bother him in the least.

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, Wally was certainly not currying favour with Him upstairs for more advantageous treatment in the next life. He could have received any amount of more earthly assistance, but he steadfastly refused. Indoors, he gave the rather melancholy impression of a man defiantly protecting the spirit of his dearly-departed from the unwanted incursions of latter-day intruders. If she was not there to manage it, then  no-one would, not even Wally himself. In so doing, he forged an eerie symmetry between the slow decline in his physical state and his chosen surroundings.

Wally was a man who ran his own race. Unlike most, he was not in the least shaped by the whims and expectations of others. If the measure of a man were the lasting impressions left in the memories of his contemporaries, whether favourable or otherwise, then Wally’s life was a significant triumph.

RIP Walter.  

Pete Granger DDA, Tenby Point, Victoria, Australia
A colourful account of the passing of a local legend.
Written with a high degree of passion by an old ****** Agricultural College colleague of mine, a Brother of 57 years standing, Peter (Piddles) Granger.
Piddles and I spent two years locked together as 24 hour classmates in house. We ate together, studied together, played Australian Rules football together, chased the girls, laughed together, cried together....and we graduated together.
Forgotten in the rank long grass
A Café of an ancient class,
Purloining in a classic way
Good beverages of yesterday.
Astride a weathered timber seat
We sat and deigned to rest our feet,
The comfort in this run down place
Permitting smiles to crease our face.

We happened, on this windy day,
To watch the rippled grasses sway,
Watched the starlings flock and mass
Above, in clouds of seething gas.
Autumn tones in billowed leaves
Gathered as the breezes pleased.
Stretched the legs and felt the sun….
Joyously, we laughed, as one.

She served us mugs of steaming brew
A thick Moroccan medley stew
With vegetables in chilli’s bite
And sautéed lamb to add delight.
So glorious, in the afternoon,
We sipped, deliciously, attuned.
Moments, in that space of time,
To make our wondrous day….sublime.

Taranaki, NZ
April 2022
Dec 2022 · 186
The Hills of Home
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2022
There's a mist in the air in this beautiful place
And the cows in the meadow are grazing, apace,
The light hangs thinly on threadlets, serene,
In curtains of diamonds' oblique blue screen.
The frost clings white to shards of grass
Sculpting rolling hills a-gleam like glass.
For wherever I travel, wherever I roam,
There's nowhere on earth like the Hills of Home.

Yonder the green-ness rolling in hills,
The beauty of which, immensely fills,
My heart with a gladness, my soul with joy
A replete-ness my spiraling mindset employs.
For whether in Spain or the peaks of the alps
Or delving in tussock or diving through kelps,
Wherever the wondrous, whatever the thrills....
Nothing approaches.... my Homeland Hills.

A tingle abuzz, All my senses a-flair
Anticipation's delight is filling the air
A feeling pervades as I gaze out the door
Seeing mountains and blue skies, majestically, soar.
Watching rolling white clouds and the green hills, perform
And the pounding pulse in my chest, is the norm....
And the brilliant smile which beams from my face
Makes these Hills of Home.... My Most Wonderful Place!

28th December 2022
Dec 2022 · 100
Pondering the Ponderings
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2022
Would that thou in flowers walk
Uttering the talk you talk?
Had thou seen the setting sun
Knowing dreams had just begun?
Would thou,in this speck of time,
Not admit thy mood sublime?

M. Foxglove@Taranakj,NZ.
19 December 2022
Tip-toing through the ponderings of Old Poet MK.
Dec 2022 · 107
The Difficulty with Dad.
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2022
There but, for the grace of God, go I…..
That wizened one on corner bench
Balding with a wrinkled eye,
Challenged by his verbal clench.

He holds forth with a knowing tongue,
In cadence, difficult for me,
Phrases from a wheezing lung
In yesterday’s lost repartee.

Pedantic, in occasional  way,
Quite racist in the words that flow,
Combative to retorts, I say….
Breed angrily, response….. I know.

Wishing to avoid offense,
Impatient, in my need to go,
I interrupt, to make amends
And flee with fleeting smile to show.

Thus the way of late, it seems,
Curtailed in his ancient eye,
Impatience with the aged dreams,
Communication cauterized.

Hurt,  I see the face withdraw
Bite the sentence from the tongue,
Quiet….but  the look implores
Condescension has begun.

Agh, these days go thinly by
The telephone now rarely rings,
Words are short twixt he and I
A hollowness this silence brings.

11th December 2022
A perspective from the other side.
A young, busy mind having to cope with the dwindling perspicuity of the aged, difficult Dad.
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2022
Read the words upon the page
Depicting how was such an age
That, then, ensconced in everyday
In truth, permitted Hell to play.

Where age with all it's wisdom gleaned
Should logically be rightly seen
As guidance for emerging youth
Where past mistakes impart as truth.

Though tragically, bereft as seen,
The actuality now doth scream
For youth doth relegate to grass
Aged wisdom's pearls.... as shattered glass.

Dispersed amid the flotsam tide
Lies that which salves salvation's hide,
Lies that which wreaks of God's works, twist,
Dispersed through cold, Alzheimer mist.

The waste of ancient eyes at rest
Expelled, devoid of life, at best
But should a crisis start to burn
Old minds may co-opt young to learn?

History makes the paradigm
That thumps the lesson home, with time,
In squandering the wealth of age
We burn the story, tear the page.

Now delegated to the shelf
Immersed in indignation's self
Old wallow in blue pity's taint
Inhibited by self restraint.

But then the moment comes around
When happenstance, by chance compound,
When youth, of clear complexioned face,
May stumble into mute disgrace....

Thence whilst the Angel trumpets grace
Whence in that vacant, silenced space,
Then flows of wisdom tumble thine
From lips that spake in ancient time.

Knowledge held in Holy Grail
Empirically forth then, when regaled,
As pomp and circumstance decreed
Should all, combined then, .... be agreed?

9th December 2022
Oh! the frustration of the aged at being sidelined by the arrogance of emergent youth.
The impertinence of the transfer of power and influence from one era to the next and the ever present wastage of invaluable lessons learned and priceless experience, gained from the labour of the travails of time.
Marshal Gebbie Nov 2022
N Oct 19
Beneath Putin’s Thumb

Somewhere out there just
Putin’s thumb and the
plumes we have each
accustomed to, a swathe
of crimson
devastation and desolation lie

......and in the glint
Of his cold grey, eye?
An insinuation
That this world
Is unappreciative of,
Disrespectful to,
His place in history....
As the true
Of Peter the Great....
Rightful Tsar
Of the savage,
Magnificence that is...
Mother Russia,
The Rodina!

4 November 2022
An eye for a thumb, delving to find the reason why Putin is what he is!
Just published and am half way through reading PUTIN; His Life and Times by Phillip Short...MAGNIFICENT & REVEALING!
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2022
Conspicuously stupid with smart undertone
Is the trait of dystopian mankind, alone.
Behaviorally infectious, totally unsound,
Sociologically rooted and collectively bound
Where the best and the worst all globally group
Midst that loud  Machiavellian Boy Scout Troup
All ideologically reckoned as the worst of their kin
Being Trump, Bolsanaro, Kim Jong Il and Putin…..
Racing back to the Stone Age to critical mass
Calling “freedom” and “human rights”, an ***…..
All cultures and creeds reach low tipping point
Where delusional madness inherits the joint,
Where they all buy bitcoin to shoot for the stars
And end up debunked on real estate… MARS?
Midst the clamor and cacophony of my fellow man!
September 18 2022
Planet Earth
Sep 2022 · 109
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2022
Abruptly rearing up a thousand feet out of a thousand miles of flat South Australian desert, a massive plateau with near vertical flanks. Rich red coloration of the abrupt cliffs which separate it as a different world from the surrounding terrain and topped with a mantle of dense, pale green eucalyptus gumtrees.

Unbelievable to approach, seemingly impossible to perceive, like a rearing giant brontosaurus amid the sands of a vast hot flat swamp.

A part of the Flinders ranges in South Australia, it is populated by huge, solitary grey kangaroos, screaming flocks of pink breasted galah's and a *** pouri of rapacious and venomous snakes and spiders plus clouds of ******* blowflies the like of which you would never wish to encounter again.

Hike on the narrow switchback trails and you will sweat a river of perspiration, the incessant heat of a burning overhead sun will have you running from sparse shade to shade. Precious little cover afforded by the spindly gum trees, the ascent is steep and the reflected glare and heat off the burning red earth will have you visualizing the instantaneous relief of a tankard of chilled frothy ale in no time flat!

The Wilpena Pound is a genuine wonder to behold. In a country of scores of vast geographical and geological wonders, Wilpena is unique in that it is a complete surprise to come upon and spectacular, beyond words. Not to be approached lightly or ill equipped it is reminiscent of Arthur Conan Doyle's fabulous  "Lost World". This giant uplifted plateau is uncomprehendingly isolated, challenging and massive.
A truely incredibly monolith, this vast structure is indeed unique and brutally rewarding to those few who venture forth seeking adventure in the challenge that is WILPENA.
One of a multitude of wild wonders of inland Australia.

December 1998
Prompted by John Wiley's many colourful poems about the  remote Flinders Ranges north of Adelaide in South Australia.
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2022
Australia, in that time, was a harsh and unforgiving place with a people born of convict stock. Hardship depicted that things were black and white and, should circumstance turn bad, matters were dealt with in a manner reflecting the brutality of the country.

The relentless dry heat of the baking sun, the listless hang of the eternal eucalypts and the everlasting expanse of red rock and vast flat plains, the shimmering mirage on the horizon and the impossibility of what lay ahead.

Whatever eventuated to destroy the life of the Frye's was borne
in the unrelenting hardship of the country and the oppression of the circumstance prevailing at that time.

To some degree a vestige of the same inherent legacy remains, subliminally, in the heart and minds of the denizens who chose to live in Australia to this day, reflecting, to a large degree, the extreme of the vastness and unforgiving nature of this land .

Who fled these shores 55 years ago for the abundance of New Zealand.
A reflection on reading John Wiley's tragic account in his poem "Frye's Clump"
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2022
I met her there last week, swathed in her earthy robe.
She spoke of incidentals, her aches and pains, the need to continuously gather firewood, the pro's and cons of forest life...the loneliness.
When prompted, with a gift of good tobacco, she told me of her best love. A youth of such tender beauty, of such delicate expression...and exquisite passion....and so brief an encounter, just four lost days of the most intense sensation.

The realization of love.

With the rising morning mist the curling elevation of senses spiraling within, beyond the sen-sate, beyond the purr of ecstasy,
beyond the mortal, mind numbing bounds of ordinary expectation...

And then he was gone.

"Leaving me as you find me now", she said, "old bent and depleted....but unsuspectingly, I find myself replete... for I have touched the very face of God and kissed the Devils hand".

She smoked her pipe, sitting quietly with me by the fire, she gently thanked me for the tobacco and the companionship and bade me, farewell with crinkled old eyes of good humour ....
and with that, and the knowledge that I had met someone of consequence, I took my leave.

For Patty
Having wrapped myself in several readings of Patty M's enveloping piece :"The Crone", I let slip with a fantasy which that wonderful work invoked.
Aug 2022 · 79
Confessions of a Has Been
Marshal Gebbie Aug 2022
As the rain teems outside the bathroom window, pelting like bullets against the double glaze,
I look into the mirror and see that huge scar extending around my right side, pink and shiny. It moves independently top to bottom, once cut never to be the same again.
Bulging unnaturally, there is a cannon ball within. Somewhere twixt the decapitated kidney and the sliced pericardium there lies a presence which I can never ignore. Solid and intrusive it inhibits movement and gives perpetual discomfort. It was never there before the operation, it has always been there since.

Gazing up into the 77 year old eyes I hate what I see, where there should be the  gleam of victory having vanquished the foe, instead I see the beggarly hallmarks of a victim.
The pallor, the network of suffer lines around the eyes. The lifelessness and ague of expression, the absence of vigour and the lack of will, of endeavor.

Not always is this so.
On good days I spring out of bed with the early light of dawn, smother the awareness of the cannon ball with two Panadol, swallowed with rainwater from the tap, prior to cleaning my teeth.
Striding down the hallway accompanied by the scampering cat, (leading me indelibly toward her bowl for food).
Cracking open the tin box and performing the ritual of the morning pill take… (6 with milk)
A cup of scalding hot tea, strong, sugared, with a touch of milk.
Then off to work with purpose, anesthetized against the ****** thing. Anesthetized against the negativity.

All my life I’ve been physical, proud of my muscular ability to achieve anything I set out to do.
My wife once said to me, “Marshal you never ask yourself whether you can actually do anything… you just do it!”
Those were the days!
Now I attack jobs, on the good days, and convince myself that something of the old spirit remains …and it does, the thighs pump, the hands, dexterously create…. The project grows and the spirit within soars….
Alas, two hours down the track with the cannon ball weighing like a tonne of lead in my gut and the wondrous physicality expired, I haul my weary self up the hill with the sure knowledge that I can no longer hack it.

Somewhere, in the twilight of my days, I have to come to terms with the limitations.
Celebrate the good and accommodate the other.
For I have faced the ****** foe and survived…and for this I must elevate myself....and be supremely and positively, grateful.
For I live and love...For what more can a man ask?

Foxglove@Taranaki, NZ
25 August 2022
Time has an amazing effect on the subconscious, with age the realization that you are no longer what you were, that your capabilities have been compromised beyond your wildest dreams, leads you to the realm of thought which enables you to put things in perspective.
Things are as they should be....Count now your blessings!
Marshal Gebbie Aug 2022
People come, people go they waft their way through life
Some have stern direction, others wield the knife.
Most leave little impact, a superficial touch
A special few impart much more, some give far too much.

A filigree of lace around a latticework of charm
Entices one to seek to know just why your words disarm.
For there, beneath the superficial self, behind your smile,
Lies a raw depth of talent which quite dazzles for a while,
Leads me to seek the secret story, hiding in your eyes
Confirming your creations….Which come as a surprise.

Once touched and found familiar, warm associations grow
Leading to expectations shared as friendships know
That these will stand the test of time enshrouding mutual trust
So when abruptly terminated…. Our feelings turn to dust.

Such is so with poetry, associations grow
Expectations generate anticipated flow,
One awaits with pleasure, new creations to the fore,
Awaits the stimulation proffered, offered, at the door.
There’s a well of warm familiar, a sisterhoods decree,
That isn’t quite but could be said to be, dependency?
So when abruptly terminated, feelings turn to dust
Like a death in the family….What must be, as it must.

Such is so with poetry, they come, they go
Little warning given, little passion shown.
Some simply turn the page, seek new pastures, green
Others wrinkle mouths and vent, viciously, their spleen.
The quiet ones just fade away, fade into the mist
Emphatic types, excuses, they so rightfully insist.

The Blush, my friends, Hath Left the Rose, the wilted petals fall
To now, the Great Departed souls, We wish… God speed you all.

HP in August 2022
For my old mate, Wint.
Aug 2022 · 153
The Voice in the Wilderness
Marshal Gebbie Aug 2022
Spent in terms of patience as excesses , now, abound
Common law and jurisprudence are now no longer sound.
Tribal rule runs rampant in the steel belt of the West
Where raging Trumpists violate, seemingly absolved from arrest.
Democrats wring their hands and bleat, aloud, foul play
Republicans roar with gleeful mirth and veto every say.
The Fat Cats of the oil game rub their hands with glee
With the cost of fuel escalating, to ruinous heights, for thee.
Catastrophic global floods and wildfires rage at large
Fueled by rampant climate change, unchecked now in its charge,
Political expediency, bold power lust and greed
Depict man’s abdication of remedial actions need…
Like Nero we all laugh and fiddle, shrug and fail to learn
Ignoring the collapse as our darling Planet burns.

Russia kills and maims and rapes and bellows it’s demands
Disavowing war crimes as the blood flows from their hands,
Rule book’s out the window, she holds the world at bay
With overt nuclear threatening optimizing Putin’s play.
Regardless of the outcome, Russia is condemned
For the next 10,000 years she will mirror ******’s trend.
Ukraine will arise again, Ukraine shall be secure
But the global condemnation Russia suffers…SHALL ENDURE!

Unlike other nations, China’s plan is long
They map out their objectives in a 500 year old song,
Patience is their virtue, diligence their strength
And little on this planet will deter their competence.
The populace supports their totalitarian regime
And their ascension to Superpower status, is uncompromisingly supreme.
Commercially a powerhouse, with military might
And an ambition to conquer the whole world, as of right.
China’s tentacles reach out through mantles of trade
Extending worldwide in a vast networking blade
USA, Africa, Europe and the East
With a recently conquering infiltrated feast
In thrusting South to the Pacifica Islands, ensnared,
Rendering, startled, fortress Australia, scared
With New Zealand aghast, dithering hither and thither
Leaving them ideologically and economically, ridiculously aquiver??
China weaves her long term fat, greedy spider web
Described, perhaps,as Plumish Pink… than rather Hellish Red!

The voice in the wilderness, howling it’s concern
Roaring it’s objection to the fact WE NEVER LEARN,
Mistakes remade repeatedly, Mankind outstays his hand
At the risk of phased obsequiousness….The timer’s running out of sand!
And time is of the essence here and courage is the key
But the combination’s lethal with our WEAK MENTALITY.
It only takes one tiny phrase, an insult out of place
And that offended nuclear nation suddenly plays their hidden ace….
India and Pakistan, Iran, the Middle East,
North Korea and potentially a remilitarized Japan, may join the feast?
The rampant insecurity found right now across the globe
Shall guarantee a reaction, which is likely to explode.
The cataclysm shall erupt….. WE SHALL CEASE TO BE!!
….Then the rat and the cockroach shall own eternity!

The Voice in the Wilderness
In New Zealand, aquiver.
15 August 2022
Aug 2022 · 155
The Running Dice....
Marshal Gebbie Aug 2022
Enticement aside,
It’s a terrible game
When the throes of a lifetime
Dwindle to flame,
When the ague of long living
Denudes as it wears,
Where the beauty of youth
Simply mottles and tears.
The effort required
To gamble instead
Realistically questions…
Better off dead?

Standing *****
On a spire of stone
With the world all around
Yet completely alone,
Cold wind caresses
The knowledge of how
Old friends abandon me
Frequently now….
In dying like flies
With unseemly haste,
With a disregard
For my feelings, chaste,
The hollowness
Of last things said,
The bitterness
Of love, lost dead.

Recalling times,
With a cup of tea,
When you and I
Laughed happily.
When sunshine bled
Rich colours sang,
Bluebirds flew
And hot dice ran.
How those days
Caroused with joy
Lost to chance then,
Girl and boy.

With you on my arm,
Dressed to the nines
Bustling charm
Off to roll
The dice with flair
Chortling both,
Without a care..
So simple
Were those days of fun
Where time stood still….

Yet dice still run!

Those running dice
Across the floor
Now, don’t matter
In the morning light
Preempts temptation
To take sight,
For gone the gloss
Tomorrow brings….

Outside, a joyous
Blackbird sings.

13 August 2022
Mists of time, once so vivid, now 5 minutes later, just fade to an inconspicuous fog. But, somewhere, the dice roll on.
Aug 2022 · 187
Such are the Ways...
Marshal Gebbie Aug 2022
Fickle the temperament
Fickle the change
In the far South land
Where wild West winds rage.
One minute quiescence
The next falling snow
Then hot melting asphalt
Burning toes as you go.
Fickle the changes
Best that you plan
For four seasons per day
As well as you can.

Easterly is blowing hard
Raking over land
Flattening the Western waves
As only East wind can,
Shoreline denuded
Black rock exposed
Sea foam extruded
On windlanes, imposed.
Kinda feels unnatural,
Kinda feels unreal,
Suspect the **** solstice
Encroaches to steal.

Late sun’s reflection
Mirrored off sea
From elevated viewpoint’s
Glare blinding me
Brass hard refraction
Now blacking out light
Reminded lock chickens
Securely for night.
For East turns to South East
Surmounting to gale,
Destruction of forestry’s
Shredding with hail.

Such are the ways
Of this far South land
Where climatic moods
Impose, as they can.
Where the flavors extreme
Sweep enticement aside
As the promise of youth
Swops a hag for a bride.
Such are the ways
Of this ****** South land
Where you savor each moment
Indeed, whilst you can.

11 August 2022
Mid winter New Zealand.
Marshal Gebbie Jul 2022
The momentum of the day
With the rhythmic ticking
Of the huge clock,
Big Ben strikes thrice
With sonorous depth.
The mass crowds seethe below,
In columns,
Rushing this way and that,
Intent on their purposeful
Business of the day.

In Hyde Park, beneath the shade
Of the massive oaks
And London plane trees,
In splashes
Of afternoon sun,
The pigeons flock,
Over scattered crumbs.

Crumbs dispersed
By the old, grey haired
Her day,
Her pleasures,
The hem of her dress
Her coat,

And unseen,
By the teeming crowd,
Standing there
Amid the noisy pigeons.
Her singularity,
Her isolation,
The clamor and momentum
Of the busy
English day.

15 July 2022
Jul 2022 · 91
A Savagery Incarnate!
Marshal Gebbie Jul 2022
Man incarnate lost to all
Whilst ravens savage hatch-lings nest,
Clamor in these seeds of time
Caroused in blood on Savior’s vest….
Callousness and cruelty wrought
By Slav on Slav through fields of wheat,
Cold Kremlin’s children sanctified
In crucifixion’s slab concrete.

Wherefore now our sage and wise?
Wherefore now, the just?
Wherefore reasons sanctity,

Scream I…..???


10 July 2022
Marshal Gebbie Jul 2022
Like gossamer
In mist it fades,
The recollections die,
Like clouds
That scud Horizons line
Then blend into the sky?

Like dreams that float
Upon the mind
To soothe away the hurt
Yet coalesce as meaningless
To mingle
With the dirt?

The condescension
Felt within,
The writhing of the gut....
Encompasses frustration felt
In sensing
Doorways, shut!

7 July 2022
Prompted by the passion in the poem "When Details Fade"
by Jason Paul Klenetsky
Jun 2022 · 332
A Resonance
Marshal Gebbie Jun 2022
Another empty hall
Where, just yesterday,
You both laughed and cried.
A dismal silence
Where recently
Your spontaneous chatter
Filled the space.
An echoed
But unfillable
This vacuum.
The expanse,
The sense of

Jillybeans and Neddo,
My dear, dear old friends,
I ache for the
In this
Cavernous remnant
Of Life”.

Winter 2022
Apr 2022 · 134
The Monster in the Room
Marshal Gebbie Apr 2022
In the quandary the future holds for us now, that climatic extremes become exponentially more extreme, that deterioration of the natural order of things accelerates to the point where mankind can no longer comfortably exist, where rising coastlines inundate dramatically and inexorably, where food can no longer be grown on the Eastern side of the nation, where the western side of the nation is inundated with continuous rainfall, where land values plummet on one side of the nation and soar on the other, where the population is forced to flee unwillingly, screaming outrage, from one area to saturate another. That social disorder breeds the seeds of revolution in the face of the chaotic inequities being suffered at the hands of governments no longer capable of coping with it all.

The sage words of Sir David Attenborough echo down the corridor of sudden shuddering inevitability in that the scenario described above pertains to NOW not further down the track, not to some distant future….it pertains to our brittle, susceptible world of NOW!

Environmental analysts are screaming the message that deep ice sheet temperatures are rising dramatically, glacial thicknesses reducing forcing mass calving into warming oceans. Oceanic salinity is reducing and oceanic current velocities and directions of mass flow are radically changing with catastrophic effect on weather patterns globally.
Ionosphere particulates and mass atmospheric pollution is changing the nature of our skies, increasingly they metastasize to phenomenon’s of extreme which flail oceans and land mass with violence and unprecedented wrath.

In 1997 the Kyoto Conference conferred, (with a sense of great nobility), in that 90% of the nations of the world were represented and agreed, after exhaustive debate, on a programme of emission control and environmental conservation….they all congratulated themselves and each other on the intention of the monumental climatic task ahead…..and went back to their home shores and did precisely NOTHING!
After paying lip service to the great speeches made, after preening themselves with the glowing mantle of adopted environmental responsibility, they went back to their respective governments and conceded to immense political pressures and kick backs of Big Oil, Big Money and the Banks.
Political concessions had to be made for GROWTH, ideology was cast aside for the immediacy of Nationally urgent issues…. MONEY….the economic necessities of the moment…(In time we will get around to the Kyoto crap and that irritating child, Greta Thunberg)!
In Truth…..
The responsibility lies with the main polluters, China, India, USA, Russia, Europe, Japan and Brazil. All unwilling to acknowledge, all unwilling to submit to the pain of real emission control. All unwilling to realistically unite to combat the environmental Armageddon, now, at their doorstep.
Russia, for example, is more willing to start a war with neighboring Ukraine, killing thousands of fellow Slavs, brutally destroying infrastructure and priceless artifacts, sending millions to flee in terror to the West……instead of dealing with the monster in the room of thawing permafrost over the vast steppes of Siberia or combating the enormous sinkholes that are occurring with profusion in the East of that land. China will not communicate productively on environmental matters with the West despite rampant, continuous air pollution in Beijing and the problematic encroachment of desertification from the West. Brazil allows the systematic felling and burning of vast areas of its rain forest annually for the development of commercial palm oil plantations… thus destroying forever a significant amount of what represents the lungs of the planet, the Amazon rain forest.

The planet will force the issue, it is applying an in-ignorable  force now….EVERYWHERE…..ISN’T IT?

The two primary polluters must come together to show the way, The USA and China have to get into lockstep, forget their combative ideology’s, forget their nuclear standoff, Come together as survivalists…for that is what they are. Formulate an immediate plan to combat the atmospheric pollution, the runaway acidification of the expanding oceans, the steady implacable rise of the temperature of the air we breathe. Combine their technological and monetary wealth to develop new research into the immediate replacement of fossil fuels………If they achieve this, the rest of the planet must fall into place behind them, they have no choice. But the Big Guns must first, SHOW THE WAY!
If this does not happen, the words of the wise, Sir David Attenborough will apply……THEN, WE, HUMANITY AS A CIVILIZATION, SHALL END!

Foxglove@Taranaki, NZ
Apr 2022 · 418
Cry, the Beloved Country
Marshal Gebbie Apr 2022
Consider the background to this war in the Ukraine, consider the effects of the accumulation of generated rage over the decades?

Russia has historically subjugated Ukrainians since the 1930s when Stalin, motivated by racial prejudice and a desire to dominate, implemented a policy of extermination which systematically starved the largely rural population to death in the phenomenon known as the"Holodomor"... and forbade any complaint being uttered by the suffering peasants with the penalty of being frozen to death in the gulags of the wilderness of Siberia.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine became an independent nation by popular decree. This was not received well by  Russia nor by the Russian speaking populace of the Donbass region in the East.

In 2013 revolution occurred in the Maidan Square in Kiev where protestors revolted against the thuggish government of Victor Yakunovych who had implemented, in the face of Russian pressure, a forced decision against the popular choice of the people for the Ukraine to join the European union.

The Maidan revolution resulted in the collapse of the Yakunovych government and his forced sudden retreat to Russia. Pro Russian separatist forces in the Donbass supported by euphemistically titled "Russian Military Advisors" in February of 2014, attacked loyalist forces of the Ukraine in  the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk republics. Military escalation continued through to 2018 including artillery exchanges and the decision by Russia to militarily invade and annex the Crimean peninsular.

An undeclared war began between Ukrainian forces on one side, and separatists intermingled with Russian troops on the other, although Russia attempted to hide its involvement. The war settled into a static conflict, with repeated failed attempts at a ceasefire. In 2015, the Minsk II agreements were signed by Russia and Ukraine, but a number of disputes prevented them being fully implemented. By 2019, 7% of Ukraine was classified by the Ukrainian government as temporarily occupied territories, while the Russian government had indirectly acknowledged the presence of its troops in Ukraine.

In 2021 and early 2022, there was a major Russian military build-up around Ukraine's borders. NATO accused Russia of planning an invasion, which it denied. Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the enlargement of NATO as a threat to his country and demanded Ukraine be barred from ever joining the military alliance. He also expressed Russian historic views, questioning Ukraine's right to exist, and stated wrongfully that Ukraine was created by Soviet Russia. On 21 February 2022, Russia officially recognized the two self-proclaimed separatist states in the Donbas, and openly sent troops into the territories. Three days later, Russia invaded Ukraine. Much of the international community has condemned Russia for its actions in post-revolutionary Ukraine, accusing it of breaking international law and violating Ukrainian sovereignty. Many countries implemented economic sanctions against Russia, Russian individuals, or companies, especially after the 2022 invasion.

The Russian genocide handbook was published on April 3, two days after the first revelation that Russian servicemen in Ukraine had murdered hundreds of people in Bucha, and just as the story was reaching major newspapers.  The Bucha massacre was one of several cases of mass killing that emerged as Russian troops withdrew from the Kiev region.  This means that the genocide program was knowingly published even as the physical evidence of genocide was emerging.  The writer and the editors chose this particular moment to make public a program for the elimination of the Ukrainian nation as such.

Legally, genocide means both actions that destroy a group in whole or in part, combined with some intention to do so.  Russia has done the deed and confessed to the intention.....and incidentally, recently Ukraine geophysicists discovered vast gas and oil deposits in the, then, Ukrainian administered segment of the Black Sea. These deposits would have had the capacity and potential to render the Ukraine, not only independent of Russian hydrocarbon dependence but also capable of being developed into a major commercial supplier of oil and gas to the European community. Russia's annexation of Crimea and the recent military occupation of the Eastern corridor effectively opens the door to Russian monopolization of these deposits...and closes the door to Ukrainian aspirations!

Ukraine bleeds, Russia’s Putin must live with the guilt of the suffering and destruction he has caused for the rest of his living days. Emotions are running high on the vast steppes of Central Asia, whatever the outcome of this turmoil, decades of hate and resentment, violence and vengeance have been wrought by this action, the birth of this animosity shall grow and pervade, unhindered, for centuries in the heart of the angry denizens of this poor, tortured land.

Ukraine, Ukraine...Cry the Beloved Country

20 April 2022
Apr 2022 · 834
The Rapture of the Moment
Marshal Gebbie Apr 2022
This crystal Autumn morn, where the dew sparkles on the fresh cut lawn, where the stillness of the cold air lends an absolute clarity to the
alpine vista before me.

The old Kaitake volcano with its vaulting flanks of Kamihe forest with outcrops of massive Rimu and Miro, Tawa and giant, towering Mamaku tree fern. Deep dark ravines tumbling down to fast flowing, clear water streams and moss covered, black boulder waterfalls.

Everywhere the sound of the Dawn Chorus, birds of every description voicing their celebration at the start of the new day.
The honk of the Paradise duck marking his turf in the cattle paddock, Two magpies perched on the very top fronds of a giant tree fern, warbling their unique song to be answered by another pair off in the undulation of the crisp green hills in the middle distance.
Tiny wrens and fantails flit amid the branches uttering their contribution to the swelling music of the morning.

The rapture of the song in the crystal silence and the golden light of the dawning sun throwing the  profile of the mountain ridges and the forest into a glory of deep dark shade and glowing gold contrast.

This moment, this magic moment swells my heart with joy.
The wondrous beauty before me holds the innocence of the key to my utter happiness.....I throw back my balding old head and roar with laughter with the complete  joy of it all.

Foxglove@Taranaki, NZ
8th April 2022
Apr 2022 · 113
Seaward's Summer Wine
Marshal Gebbie Apr 2022
Lost in threads of joys surprise
Engrossing thoughts, a sweet surmise,
Delightful now, as waves enthrone
This pounding surf on shores of home.

Seagulls squabble loud on sand
Zephyr breezes waft inland
Lost to threads of seascape’s awe
When yonder lighthouse beams to shore

Seaward shades of turquoise green
Myriad waves in mirrored sheen
Sunshine blazing dunes, far reach
When children’s laughter echoes beach.

Shapely girls in little else
Cavort with fun's cavortive self
Bringing joy to all who share
The happiness that rings the air

Summer baking heat on land
Washing waves to sloping sand,
Kaleidoscopic sails at sea
Lean to wind-ward’s ecstasy.

Metallic sheen of shimmered sea
Brings sodium’s bite aflood to me
Exultant now, in ocean’s rhyme,
I've supped elixir’s Summer Wine.

In the fading throes of our late, great New Zealand Summer
April 5 2022
Mar 2022 · 148
The Burren
Marshal Gebbie Mar 2022
A vastness of welded lime
Domed upon the shore
In Ireland's beauteous County Clare,
Who could wish for more?

Born of countless creatures, dead,
In oceanic sand
Calcifying remnants hewn
By crafted Makers hand.

Waves of mountain green-ness, vast,
Retreating by the years
Chased by wild millennia to
Far lower shoreline tiers.

Thus like the mystic Kraken beast
The Burren reared its head
To loom in limestone vastness
Way above the coastal spread.

Cold Atlantic fury's rage
In gales of tempest blast
Flung as mere in-consequence
When mirrored to the past

Massive Domed striation
Of ancient limestone bed,
Seek thee now acclaim of Gods
Or humbleness, instead?

Tho vastly white and monstrous
Above this Irish sea,
The Burren looms, mysterious,
Yet  magnificent to me.

23 March 2022
For Gumtree from Dad...with love
Feb 2022 · 179
Cry for a Crippling of Hope
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
Standard behaviour from the Russians. Obliteration by sheer numbers and force. 190,000 troops on Ukraine's border, now forging their way into the pristine land of their cousins.
Shall be interesting to see their tactics, Russians were never good at improvising, Slavishly taking their orders from the war room, those old Generals who fought long ago in Afghanistan and perhaps joined the action in the Chechen affair, both, of which, ended in ignominious withdrawal by the Soviet Union.
Putin's forces have never been encouraged to think for themselves, never encouraged to initiate. The leaders always suspicious of delegating authority. The lesser commanders will not assume responsibility. All decisions will come from the war room. This is the Russian way. Commit the cannon fodder, obliterate by sheer numbers. Stalin did it, now Putin is taking up the chalice.

Under the pretext of "Peacekeeping forces". Putin won't stop at the Dneiper river, he wants the whole country, he wants the vast wheatfields and the mineral wealth. He wants, what he regards as his entitlement, that which used to be a vassal part of the old USSR.

So far, the response from NATO has been weak. The USA, war weary from Vietnam and Afghanistan, wants no part of the action. Token sanctions and a dithering resonation from old Joe show little resolve there. Boris Johnson, who needs an injection of popularity after his Covid indiscretions, is at least broadcasting belligerence to the Russian invaders and is following up by sending advanced weaponry and advisors to an embattled Ukraine.

Broadly the world is sitting on the fence, muttering outrage and wringing the hands. Putin appears to have taken their measure well.

25 Feb 2022
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
A strong person doesn't seek revenge, he bides his time and lets karma make it right......
Nope Sweetheart, karma just takes too long.
Ya hit back fast..... and ya hit back twice as hard!
Reluctant to face the music?
Take a deep breath, gird your *****....and come clean!
The sense of release is extraordinary....and you feel a far better person having done it and ****** the consequences!

Wallowing with worms and squirming with centipedes, lurking in dark shadows of uncertainty and unsure of your ****** identity?
Leap onto a sunshiny path and laugh out loud, disgracefully.....
Who is going to give a flying ****, anyway?

And if she is grinding you into the dust, issuing superlatives that perpetually put you in your place....generally making life Hell and turning you into a mardy ****???
Try vanishing suddenly, for a week, casting the remark over your shoulder as you walk out the gate...There are plenty of fish in the sea, Darling!

Just a few salty thoughts on offer....Absolutely No Charge!
Foxglove@Taranaki, NZ
24 Feb 2022
Feb 2022 · 175
Despite Common Belief.....
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
Strangely and despite common belief.....

I believe in serendipity's place in every man's life.
But witness the translucence of truths espoused by many of my bellicose, fellow man.
See the random inconsistencies that arise, almost subconsciously, in the discourse of everyday animated conversational exchanges.
Doubt the sincerity of the man who is a known, recidivist borrower and poor re-payer of loans.
Take enormous pleasure in blue sky, heroic trees and white billowing clouds.
Encompass warmth and affection for he or she who reciprocate something of value.
Look for the best in the person before me
Hate and loath those who spread malevolence and warfare on the planet.
But am reduced to tears by an unanticipated kindness or sensitivity.
Appreciate and embrace the bonds of family and really close friends....

And commit my life and everlasting love to the wonderful woman, Janet, who shares the good times and the bad in this life, irrespective, I might add, of my failings and many, many shortcomings.

21 Feb 2022
Feb 2022 · 101
To Armageddon's Very Edge!
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
Metronome's monotonous throb
Of Vladimir's compulsive gob
Committed to an act of sin
Retraction now, the end of him
Retraction though unleashes dogs
Who, once unleashed, must feed the hogs?

Where, on the other hand, attack,
Shall fling the cloak of warfare, back....
With all it's certitude, unknown,
In halls of nuclear risk, un-shown,
Through avenues of could and can
In fear from panicked distant land.

Should courage falter in the West?
Should old men quail when put to test?
Be assured the next to fall
Shall be Taiwan to Beijing's call.
Be assured, in black and white,
The dominoes may fall.... tonight!

In stark disbelief @ Putin's Russia taking the planet to the very edge of Armageddon, again?
16 February 2022
Feb 2022 · 158
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
Seen as having never been
Though circumspectly in between
This parody of eerie sound
Sifting simply, and profound…
Through tones of gossamer intent,
In vagaries of soft ascent,
Whispering, wafting through the breeze
With phantom interceptions ease….

Quite thought as having never been
In silenced echoing, serene.

3 February 2022
Feb 2022 · 220
The Moment
Marshal Gebbie Feb 2022
Lightness of her tender touch
Whose saffron hues, intone, so much,
Intoned as if by Master’s brush
To apple, peach and rose-like blush
Applied to heighten spangled lust
In each as coalescence ….flushed.

Jan 2022 · 64
Ace High?
Marshal Gebbie Jan 2022
Title lost in one fell swoop
The left hand held the ace,
Portraiture of destitution’s
Fools chanced quick about-face.
Should have shown the King of Hearts
Rightly kept the Queen
Played instead an interception
Game of in between…..
Been this ****** way all my life
Folly chasing foil,
Dreams of cleaning up a pile
In plunging deep for oil,
Cursed, I seldom  got there,
Chasing failure’s ghost.
Instead I played my ******* ace
Then watched his straight flush coast.

Smoked in a dim, dark place.
26 January 1967
Haven't sat down to a card game for 55 years,
Lost to a couple of cheating drillers one steamy night in Papua New Guinea
Blew my cool and ended up in a very nasty, ****** fist fight.
Threw the drillers out at midnight and vowed never to play again!
Dec 2021 · 78
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2021
Whilst shopping in the mall last week
To fill the Christmas tree,
A derelict old soul held out
His grubby hand to me.
"Spare a copper for a cuppa mate?"
He asked with shining eyes,
And there was something in his manner
Which quite took me by surprise.
Delving deep into my pocket
A Christmas smile upon my face,
I came up with five bucks
Which made his world...a better place.
He thanked me so effusively
His face a wrinkled grin,
Then we went our separate ways
And felt the joy of Christmas....SING!

Love from Janet & Marshal
An old chestnut of mine which I wheel out every festive...for I can't, for the life of me, produce anything else which better captures the very essence of the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS
Dec 2021 · 93
Have You Ever...?
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2021
Have you ever wondered why
The larks fly high in clear blue sky?
Pondered how it all makes sense
Avoiding those who sit the fence?
Peered into a bubbling brook
And thanked what impulse made you look?
Argued good was partly bad
A quandary sought but strangely sad?
Spent the moment lost in thought
When better options sought, you ought?
Delved into a sticky place
And wore the egg upon your face?
Insisted black was really blue
Until she made a fool of you?
Strode ahead to win the race
To find you couldn't hack the pace?
Wished the day would turn to rain
Till flooding made it all insane?
Stamped your foot and called it right
When right was wrong and caused a fight?
Laid back on a lazy day
Till conscience called you out to pay?
Drank that whiskey from the jar
To make the spinning room...bizarre?
Left that which should be done, undone
....and found her bitter fun?
Walked into an empty church
To feel God left you in the lurch?
Pondered what it's all about
Then freaked when whisper turned to shout?
Really cared to make a play
Tho foolishness won't win the day?
When Covid spat the vaxless few
Ya feel we kinda pressured you?
Suspect this written stuff don't rate
Probably just.... irritate?

Well, truthfully?

12 December 2021
Dec 2021 · 98
Frenzied Media Mauling
Marshal Gebbie Dec 2021
Myopic the media swaying the mob,
Sniveling fantasies, coaxing the slob.
Co-opting response from opinion-less types
In fashioning rainbows for homos and *****,
Rampaging racism's silver, sharp teeth
Whilst prodding the vulnerable's spongy beneath.
Slipping the knife deep into the flank
Whilst the loud ostentatious are flaying for rank.
Slaying the leaders why ever they stand,
Assassins deployed in a leaderless land.
Spreading black lies for the diet of fools
In cognitive misuse of our media tools
Then blatant superficiality flares
Causing apathy rule, where nobody cares,
It all resolves to a meaningless blah
Where disinterest abandons all truth, as bizarre,
The narcotic dysfunction in media sway
Is tragically mauling humanity's way.

10 December 2021
Nov 2021 · 60
Walking the Dark Mile
Marshal Gebbie Nov 2021
Spanning years the tide turns red
The ebb and flow of time,
Whilst thee and me remain transfixed
Perceptions have defined,
The very thought of interceptions
Make palpitations flow.
For Judas led me to the wall
As dark deceptions grow.
Harking to the antecedents
Harking back to them
Recalls the pall of bleak redemption
Smothering us, then,
That moment of anticipation
Fell upon the night
And all at once our resurrection
Felt, obliquely...right!

Cold hands touched my heart today
Colder eyes held mine,
But the ruse within the paradox
Bled the fear, in time.
For someone walked with me in rain,
Someone held my hand
And the palpable relief I felt
Let me understand....
That time, in passing, clarified,
Time thought "do" was "don't",
Where antagonisms rankled once
Your touch, my Sweetheart, .....won't!

Foxglove, Taranaki NZ
19 November 2021
Nov 2021 · 71
A Moment with Vix
Marshal Gebbie Nov 2021
There you stood, Vix,
Forlorn, alone in the afternoon light.
I read the sadness in your eyes
Felt the tension in your stance.
Wondered at the thoughts passing through your mind,
Wondered if hope swelled your heart.
Few are the days left to you,
Gone the promise of your tomorrows....

But you listened, quietly,
To my poem
Then gently blessed me with your lovely, winsome smile

...and secretly, deep inside, I cried for you, Vix.

Foxglove, Taranaki
Early 2020
Cancer claimed a wonderful woman soon after this day. Astute, stately and smart, Victoria Cutelli had a rare poise that set her apart from others in life. A close companion and sister to my darling wife, Janet and loving wife of Gordon. She is so sadly missed every single day.
Nov 2021 · 88
She's Gone.
Marshal Gebbie Nov 2021
Seems the time has fled like rain
My dear friend vanished too,
Vanished to the gossamer
Just dissipated through…..
One day here, gone the next
No words allaying cost,
Dismissal to the mists of time
Intangibly, just lost.

Your final poem posted
Instilling vibrant air
Of remorseless, sharp reminder
Of a vacuum hanging there.
A suspension of all feeling,
Of warmth and care and touch
The absence of your sunlit mirth
And laughter, loved so much.

A sadness hangs in silent  throng
And saddened voices sing
In wreaths of trite redemption
Which angry tears do bring.

But should you have a change of heart
One early, misty morn
To once again put pen to prose
To once again, adorn.....
Replete, shall be this simple soul,
Replete again to dwell,
To once once again devour your words
Forsaking forlorn Hell.

Foxglove, Taranaki NZ
2 November 2021
A plea to those wondrous women
Who have chosen to depart the arena
For reasons of their own,
Be they fair or foul.
Consider the consternation and despair
Caused, imposed,
In the departure, the creative void,
Manifest in the dearth of continuance
Of your utter, poetic magnificence?

You are the very heart of our art.
Please, in the mist of morn,
Deem to return?
Oct 2021 · 93
The Whysoever of Who?
Marshal Gebbie Oct 2021
The wheresoever, notwithstanding, when,
Is lost in the Insomuch's end.
Those vacillating on vaccines, I'm told,
Are bereft of emanations for the old....
A lack of understanding of the pain
Derived from work and then deprived of gain?
Derived from understanding on the shelf
Just consumed, in your preoccupations self!
Whosoever whatsoever, then,
Go vaccinate, child,'s definitely Zen!

Foxglove, Taranaki NZ
27 October 2021
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2021
New snow has fallen on yonder hill
Lying juxtaposed in contrast, still,
Bringing salophen’s eddy of freezing air
Siphoning spontaneities sense of care,
Paradoxical paradigms laughter in mind
Twirling excitement’s contagion, refined,
In bewitching as serpentine’s spiral of mist
Engaged in delights of this happiness, kissed,
Enhancing enchantment’s Springtime flair
In an auburn glint through her sunlit hair,

The joy, the joy of this moment in time
Makes this wrinkled old smile, exclusively mine.

The magical air of early Spring snow @ Foxglove
27 September 2021
(Salophen, a tetradentate Schiff base, in fluorescence sensing parameters)
Sep 2021 · 306
Angela Walks Away...
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2021
Angela Merkel is walking away
The mantle swings to they,
Who  aspire now to replace her
And seek to win the day.
Pray now for the wisdom of Solomon,
Pray now that judgment won’t lapse,
Seek the best of hope to Heaven
That Germany won't collapse.

Collapse to the howls of the fascists,
Engage the undisciplined sin
Of disintegration's extremism
Where the origins of ISIS begin.
Pander to thugs, now demanding,
An end to immigrant days,
Through implacable acts of violence,
In hatred’s interplay's.

The fog of **** yesterdays
Hang cold, suspended there
Like ghosts recalling Auschwitz’
Implacable dead stare.
The chemistry repeats itself,
Thugs roam the street,
Fear, the key, reflected
In the eyes of some you meet.

Russia wields the key to heat
In leveraging the play
While France, as usual, vacillates
With Macron’s “non vouz parle”,
Boris waves his Brexit flag,
Inexorably, in retreat
Whilst Europe spins confusion
To the people in the street.

Choose wisely, now, replacement,
Ensure the strength is there,
Clear future pathways sagely,
(I beseech you now to care)...
Forge the way ahead in steel
And falter not, your step
For fate itself, is in your grasp
For Germany’s self respect.

21 September 2021
Germany is Europe's lynch pin. The wealthiest nation, the most powerful industrialized country who, through Merkle's astute leadership, has provided, humane progressive refuge to the teeming refugees of Islam.
This to the detriment of the racial sensitivities of the increasingly vociferous far right of the country. Opposition now spilling over to incidences of thuggery and violence, hate and death. Angela Merkle's firm leadership kept a lid on it all and ran the gauntlet of political sniping from neighbouring influences........
But with her, no longer at the helm and in the face of rising insurrection, can Germany's huge, unwieldy equilibrium be maintained?
Sep 2021 · 106
What's the Guts?
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2021
Where hides the gentle days gone bye
When we watched the World begin to cry?
Or chance that smile, when indiscreet
Or warmly greet when strangers meet?
Where lies legacy's charity play
For the lost in nether worlds' grim foray?
What the intent when your mind shuts the door
When pleas echo forth from those that implore?
Where lies your will to build on the don't,
Or the courage to do it, when all others won't?
What's the guts, my hesitant man
Cos' this old World's trying, to understand?

16 September 2021
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