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Sep 2021
What else?

A tangled bundle of glistening threads

No hint of beginning, no end

What one thread looses

another one pulls,

The highways and byways of life

A stellar matrix

Star lit dot to dots

Jumping from one to the next

The riddle is read

But not in the way it is written

The answer is said

But not in the way it was given

Another black hole

Another pull form the inside out

I go there to find you

But by the time I get there

You are all hollowed out

Where did you go?

Where did I find myself?

How did we lose?

What have we found?

Another tussle

A pull of thread

And another journey

Beyond the veil

Dont say I didn't warn you

Sanity hangs by a thread

Only which one?
S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
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