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Sep 2
Into her life , a tear did fall
Cleanses the wound , of the past that crawled
struggled so hard to get up and run,
waiting for the brand new life , only to steal

Understood , offering not even a single tear ,
gifts , weighted heart , difficult to bear

or surrendering to the unfair world ,
could only be a regret throughout year

memories of stolen childhood ,
had tattoed into her soul
tears became her new ornament , that the life wants her to pay as a toll

Her screams , gone unheard ,

her silence , gone crime ,

her tears , gone wasted ,

her life became useless ,

but still she rose ,
learnt to fly with those broken wings ,
doesn't need the pillow , to share her tears ,
climbed up , from cliff of hurtful stories ,
and spread her wings ,
to chase for her little Big secret dreams...
π•Ύπ–π–œπ–Šπ–™π–π–† 𝕾𝕭
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