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Aug 30
A day to remember

26th of August
when i had entrust
my hope and my faith
into the almighty great
on a journey I embarked
with a heart that's marked
by her love and her name
a heart that acclaims
of her being mine
and me being hers
always and forever
we are destined together
to meet my Fatima Gul
my forever most beautiful
like the gul as her name
her beauty is insane
insane as in astonishing
beautiful as in ravishing
and when finally she appeared
that's when time disappeared
for a moment my heart froze
seeing face of hers like a rose
my heart skipped a beat
when she sat on that seat
her presence was magical
her personality marvelous
my heart has never been this happier
or my mind at this much peace
meeting her for the first time
is our foundation for the lifetime
her gentle smile, her lovely waves
our hands in hands, and warm embrace
that is all of what love is made
those unforgettable moments
we will cherish for the lifetime
i held her hand, i held it tight
*** i didn't want to let it slide

~Muhammad Ali
for my Beloved Fatima Gul
Aug 28th, 2021
Oh my god...That Day
the 26th of August...The best time of my whole life...I met the love of my life...I cannot put it enough into words how happy I was that day and how much I love her....
Muhammad Ali
Written by
Muhammad Ali  23/M/Rawalpindi, Pakistan
(23/M/Rawalpindi, Pakistan)   
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