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The X-Rhymes Mar 1

she tested his mettle
for crossing her path
was stung by her nettle
for one minor gaffe

to get back his fettle
he did him some math
bought chocolate and petal
then ran her a bath

that made the dust settle
placated her wrath
then boiling the kettle
he tried not to laugh.
Woke up with this in my head.
The X-Rhymes Dec 2022
is it cause and effect
when you pause and reflect
through a bus window driven at night
same view in reverse
or a new universe
with a face looking back that's not right

someone faking a smile
maybe ******* down bile
with a profile of rake thin grey cheeks
once enhanced with laugh lines
circumstance redefined
in a matter of just a few weeks

lights aglow on high streets
put on show the crows feet
that don't go with a face that's within
and etched in like stretch marks
they're a sketch of the darks
from a smile that's been spread far too thin

and defined by it's anger
this malign doppelganger
has no warmth in its eye, only cold
where the dread's run amok
and has sped up the clock
left a handsome face premature old

and it leers out of space
with a fearsome, queer face
that might once have been eager to please
looking weathered and strained
from endeavours that maimed
through the life it spent down on it's knees

in the glare of the ights
it stares back for a fight
and the raindrops leave pock mark and scars
like a comic *******
or a cosmic inversion
or perhaps that’s the person you are?
The X-Rhymes Dec 2022


I put eggs in a ***
with some water to cook
turned the heat up to hot
then the egg-timer took
and I gave it a spin
so the sand was on top
and an aperture, thin,
let the grains start to drop
like a little landslide
that just in a short while
had begun spreading wide
from a conical pile
then I saw myself there
in the egg timer's glass
and returned my own glare
just to fill the impasse
but my face looked obscure
seeming bulbous and stout
with my chin on the floor
and my brow at the spout
as the sand tumbled south
to the hour-glass base
down my nose to my mouth
just like tears on my face
then I had this strange thought
as I took an egg cup
of how time can run short
while it's filling right up
now a thousand yard stare
in those eyes, I could see
existential despair
facing infinity
they left no room to doubt
that we'd both been misled
that time doesn't run out
- it falls right on your head
'til you're buried alive
with a mouthful of grit
you might think you'll survive
but it's not prone to quit
then your eggs are all done
time's caught up and been spent
by the end of the run
your not sure where it went
but time waits for no man
that much can't be denied
so boiled eggs? change of plan -
in the end had them fried.
The X-Rhymes Sep 2022

admission was free
and all had to go
since all had to see
this ultimate show
on every street
in every mall
on every seat
in every stall
and all TV screens
on radio, live
in bars and canteens
or cars as they'd drive
of people agreeing
the world was devoid
still, no sense in fleeing
what you can't avoid
so watching the clock
from four down to none
with no sense of shock
the show was begun
the curtain was raised
with such a loud sound
the crowd were amazed
then razed to the ground
straight up from their seat
in unison, cried
but once on their feet
they instantly died
the roar of the crowd
had muted the bang
and though very loud
not one of them sang
well eight billion folk
can deafen it seems
while turning to smoke
in eight billion screams
with no one to wait
to see the encore
it might have been great
but nobody saw.
The X-Rhymes Sep 2022

Jack gave the air a biting chill
the ground a thin white shroud
while icy mist curled in tendrils
and swathed his form in clouds

then puddles turned to milky glass
his breath, it's said, could freeze
the paths he makes a risk to pass
and skeletons from trees

on TV news this work he’d do
was clearly advertised
as weather maps from green to blue
were reacclimatised

all signs of warmth Jack Frost suppressed
with every step he’d take
each living soul he met he pressed
to shiver and to shake

all thumbs would then succumb to numb
and feet were primed to slip
like taps he made their noses run
and tremble would each lip

but soon enough the rising sun
would make it’s presence felt
then Jack would yawn, his work all done
and back to bed he’d melt

but that was then and this is now
his tenure will not cease
the price of gas will now allow
his hours to increase

not one to shirk the extra work
thanks to this corporate crime
these costs berserk present a perk
for Jack in overtime

he'll rap the door of old and poor
once their heat is denied
and freeze for sure to chair or floor
whoever lives inside.
Probably the best poem about Jack Frost you'll read today.
Unless you've read another.
The X-Rhymes Aug 2022

I fell under a spell
looking into her eyes
and I thought 'what the hell'
holding on to my cries
as I fell to the deck
with her teeth sinking in
to the side of my neck
where the skin was most thin
and she drained off my tanks
'till my legs felt like lead
then with no word thanks
there she left me for dead
yet I couldn't help yearn
as I lay on the floor
that should my strength return
I might see her some more
since I'd had such a blast
while I slaked her of thirst
she would not be the last
and thank God, not the first.
Vampire poem number 3.
The other two were better.
Well, one of them was.
The X-Rhymes Aug 2022

the dark magic crept
when spells were heard spoke
and while some folk slept
you found yourself woke
that's when your eyes set
on who you should hunt
from those alphabets
you heard back to front
and those who couldn't
speak in that code
all those who wouldn't
walk down that road
or who'd missed the joke
and felt undermined
were just the right folk
you'd set out to find
so their stress increased
as soon all around
they saw how decreased
became common ground
and you ran them down
until they were gone
drove them from your town
until there were none
with old sorcery
so easily talked
that left hard to see
how your tongue had forked
developed this knack
of making sound right
how magic, once black
was now magic white
then what someone did
was change all the text
to keep from you hid
the ones who were next
so now you don't dare
to speak a **** word
until when they share
which spell will be heard
what will they incant?
what witchery bring?
and what if they chant
a spell you won't sing?
you'd best take a look
and make double sure
you're not on the hook
since no one is pure
and make sure you've checked
all your points of view
since their next suspect
is most likely you.
Unpopular opinions rendered in rhyme #2.
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