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The X-Rhymes May 24
it's not about the cost,
i heard it once explained
it's not about what's lost
it's all about what's gained

and things will always change
in life's unfolding game
so soon enough the strange
becomes the same old same

scenario case worst
is opportunity
although of course at first
that's often hard to see.
The X-Rhymes May 16
the sound of the chime
of some town hall clock
announced it was time
for head to meet block

no order belayed
no reprieve supplied
as justice delayed
was justice denied

so set to the task
he had his head bowed
the swing of an axe
the gasp of the crowd

decision so made
and sentence then passed
his head was displayed
so lessons would last

but once on the stake
his eyes opened wide
they saw him awake
he hadn’t quite died

and pouring with gore
in scarlet red drips
from jaw to the floor
came words from his lips

“I lived for so long
a life just like any
seen right become wrong
things turn on a penny
so this is no shock
it's mostly my lot
my neck's been on blocks
much more than it's not
so my head's been lost
more often than once
and if this the cost
well, here’s my response"

and then from the street
his torso did rise
made death obsolete
much to their surprise

they took to their feet
with yells, screams and cries
and beat a retreat
averting their eyes

so nobody saw
him take his head down
and fix it once more
then walk out of town

it took quite some pluck
to go to that length
and some called it luck
while others said strength

but now it’s the case
that he lives afar
his head still in place
above a deep scar

reminder he could
have died on that day
and one day he would
but not when they say.
It's not new but I tinkered with it.
The X-Rhymes Oct 2023
I closed my eyes and heard a call
of curtain rise or curtain fall

then wind in sail, through stormy squall
I pierced a veil beyond the wall

back to the womb, I lived reverse
to birth from tomb, conveyed by hearse

this wilted bloom, with shroud supplied
smelled of perfume: formaldehyde.
The X-Rhymes Mar 2023

she tested his mettle
for crossing her path
was stung by her nettle
for one minor gaffe

to get back his fettle
he did him some math
bought chocolate and petal
then ran her a bath

that made the dust settle
placated her wrath
then boiling the kettle
he tried not to laugh.
Woke up with this in my head.
The X-Rhymes Dec 2022
is it cause and effect
when you pause and reflect
through a bus window driven at night
same view in reverse
or a new universe
with a face looking back that's not right

someone faking a smile
maybe ******* down bile
with a profile of rake thin grey cheeks
once enhanced with laugh lines
circumstance redefined
in a matter of just a few weeks

lights aglow on high streets
put on show the crows feet
that don't go with a face that's within
and etched in like stretch marks
they're a sketch of the darks
from a smile that's been spread far too thin

and defined by it's anger
this malign doppelganger
has no warmth in its eye, only cold
where the dread's run amok
and has sped up the clock
left a handsome face premature old

and it leers out of space
with a queer kind of face
that might once have been eager to please
looking weathered and strained
from endeavours that maimed
through the life it spent down on it's knees

in the glare of the ights
it stares back for a fight
and the raindrops leave pock mark and scars
like a comic *******
or a cosmic inversion
or perhaps that’s the person you are?
The X-Rhymes Dec 2022


I put eggs in a ***
with some water to cook
turned the heat up to hot
then the egg-timer took
and I gave it a spin
so the sand was on top
and an aperture, thin,
let the grains start to drop
like a little landslide
that just in a short while
had begun spreading wide
from a conical pile
then I saw myself there
in the egg timer's glass
and returned my own glare
just to fill the impasse
but my face looked obscure
seeming bulbous and stout
with my chin on the floor
and my brow at the spout
as the sand tumbled south
to the hour-glass base
down my nose to my mouth
just like tears on my face
then I had this strange thought
as I took an egg cup
of how time can run short
while it's filling right up
now a thousand yard stare
in those eyes, I could see
existential despair
facing infinity
they left no room to doubt
that we'd both been misled
that time doesn't run out
- it falls right on your head
'til you're buried alive
with a mouthful of grit
you might think you'll survive
but it's not prone to quit
then your eggs are all done
time's caught up and been spent
by the end of the run
your not sure where it went
but time waits for no man
that much can't be denied
so boiled eggs? change of plan -
in the end had them fried.
The X-Rhymes Sep 2022

admission was free
and all had to go
since all had to see
this ultimate show
on every street
in every mall
on every seat
in every stall
and all TV screens
on radio, live
in bars and canteens
or cars as they'd drive
of people agreeing
the world was devoid
still, no sense in fleeing
what you can't avoid
so watching the clock
from four down to none
with no sense of shock
the show was begun
the curtain was raised
with such a loud sound
the crowd were amazed
then razed to the ground
straight up from their seat
in unison, cried
but once on their feet
they instantly died
the roar of the crowd
had muted the bang
and though very loud
not one of them sang
well eight billion folk
can deafen it seems
while turning to smoke
in eight billion screams
with no one to wait
to see the encore
it might have been great
but nobody saw.
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