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Diya 5d
Oh! You are afraid of the thunder?
The lightning is making you weak.
The growling of the clouds are horrible....isn't it?

But guess what......

I'm not frightened of the thunderstorm that are ruling the sky...
For the hurricane in my life is more catastrophic than this interim combination of light and sound!
My heart has survived the sounds of heartbreak a million times...
And the thunder is just a minority in it's comparison, my friend!
It's raining now and I'm thinking about today...a day that can be termed as a "bad day"...Everybody lives these days and I can understand it but even being matured, you just breakdown because things aren't going right...hope tomorrow's Sun shines bright!
Diya Mar 21
U were lost in the depth of an unknown maoana,
Just like a melancholic docudrama.

No debris or remnants of you were ever found,
My ears haven't heard for months , your tranquil sound.

The distance is increasing with the speed of cosmic rays,
Thinking about you imprisons my mind in a profound haze.

Just moving on is the only option left
Even if you are an  andamantine memory,
This is the solution my heart suggest.

You now belong to the serene currents of aqua,
Miles away from my heart of scalding magma.

I know coherently that u have forgotten me,
Being busy with your charismatic karma under the sea.

A voice whispers  from my heart's abyss
"You are lost just like the  City of Atlantis!"
This is one of my old poem...
By mistake I deleted it ,so I'm reposting it again... It may be monotonous to some of you but sorry for inconvenience...
This poem is one of my favourite poem and hope you will enjoy it :)
Diya Mar 19
I love
How both the universe outside and inside are infinite...
How even after the birth of science
Enigma rules as the queen!
Mystery is everywhere
Diya Mar 16
I've been a renegade
Annihilating the  soul
That gives me life!
I'm just doing bad to myself
Diya Mar 7
I don't want to sleep tonight.
Cause I know tomorrow when I will wake up,
Everything would be just same!
Fed up of trying :(
Diya Feb 25
I was walking through the blissful forest,
Chasing the phoenix....
It was so bright and graceful!
Suddenly, the dark clouds assembled ..
And I was blinded
I lost my way and also the enigmatic bird!
My world shattered as I saw just a black canvas all around..
I hate darkness, it reminds me of the times depression poisoned my veins.
Then I heard a voice...
My mind, who's been a traitor, devastating my life, tried to help me!
I didn't listened to it cause I know it is expert in wizardry and black magic..
Yet,again ,I became its ***** chained to the handcuffs of thoughts!
I started to think..
" What on earth is my brain doing?
Heart is making me weak
Mind dethroned me and snatched my power....
But the Sleepyhead brain didn't wake up to save never does
I felt helpless"
I was unaware of the aroma around me, drenched in the thoughts that populated my mind!
Hopefully, awareness rang the doorbell and I unlocked the door to reality!
A reality that I hate but this time
Darkness was gone , not from my life but from the sky !
I had a breathe of relief , maybe a fake one just like my smile... :(:
My legs stopped as my eyes saw ashes
That transformed itself to a bird
I was chasing, The phoenix!
I didn't  had a chance to touch it..
As my sleep escaped, leaving me behind..
With reality!
A chaotic poem expressing my deep emotions in a metaphorical way...
Thanks for reading...!
Sometimes, things you want won't be's hard to accept!
Diya Feb 14
The armour of  past shall protect you no more...
it's just a trifling delusion !
Move on...
Bars of heartache...
Choice is yours?
A harsh's difficult to move on but I think it's the best choice ...I'm trying my best and would urge you to do so.. Past won't help you in reality rather leave you broken!
Keep trying :)
Someday , we gonna make it =)
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