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Diya Sep 26
They saw the rainbow
In her
But never
The rain that
Preceded it.
It's another poem expressing the fact that we just perceive someone in our own's like we know one's name but not their story...and hence we should not judge anyone or have a preoccupied perception on him/her
Diya Sep 14
Chaotic and endless thoughts
 Just  the way electron does,
Painting a canvas
Utopic colours.
I love writing about mind and it's chaos! :)
Miss you all so much
Diya Sep 6
Do they grow in soil
Nature is within us and around is so inspiring!
Apology for not reading your is not permitting me!
Diya Aug 26
I never knew you'll be
The person
Just crossed my path
become a
Old memories haunt! This poem reflects how people so close to you becomes just a random person who crossed your life but the memories they left behind are terrifying and can make you cry at times!
This may be a frictional write :)
Diya Aug 8
The clouds encircling the moon,
Were grey complementing my mood.
Every little creature swept under the cloak of invisibility,
Afraid of my predacious intuition.

The canopy let the rays of moon
To draw my shadow on the bed of grass.
It wasn't able to chase away
The state of isolation in which I am drunk.

I can hear my heartbeats louder than my footsteps,
As the silence of the night succoured to amplify it.
The reflection of the full moon furnished my empty eyes,
That holds nothing but acute emptiness.

You believe a wolf howls to communicate
With his ravening pack.
Irony is that,
I howl to evacuate my vehemance
Just being a "Lone Wolf", not craving to attack..
Different perspective about the deadly animal ,"Wolf" that behaves as a contrast to our view ... Deep inside a predator's heart may lie feelings like can interpret in your own way . ..
Thanks for reading. :)
Diya Jul 13
It's not a mysterious number
The number of years I'm gonna live.

It's not even the number of hairs on your head ,
so stop counting it!

If you think it's the number of times I failed in life, no that ain't true...

Is it the year alien gonna attack us?
Oh friend,
Nothing will happen such!!

Tell me then, what's it's about?
You are being mundane.'s the number of poems that brimmed my homepage while I was  away from this home..
Have you got that?
Apology for this silly poem...I just wanted to apologise for my inconvenience... I couldn't read your amazing pieces and now there are 2311 in my notification... I'm trying to read and hope I will be successful... Give me your!!!
Thank you :)
Diya Jun 21
The tiny
thoughts collided within her extramundane mind
that eternity too lies within her.
We often fail to recognize our true potential and ability...Often underestimating our worth...Just remember we've got stardust in our veins  ;)
We can do anything... Nothing is impossible right?
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