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Diya 4d
Memories are like
The embroidered silk saree
My Mom wears
Where beautiful moments lie
Amidst the folds
That she neatly gathers
On her shoulder.
While admiring it's beauty,
I came across
Some nasty stains
Whose colours had
Moments I want to
Crumple up like paper
And throw them away
Into a bin
But they chase me like shadows,
Sticks to me like
A chewing gum
Unwilling to leave a woman's hair.

I can never fathom
The hues of memories
In my lifetime
When I look back now,
All I can see are the hidden tears
Behind those fake smiles.
Memories brings back both smile and tears..
This is the translated version of an "Assamese" poem I wrote yesterday.
Something simple.
Thanks for reading:)
Diya Oct 12
the old cassette still lies
somewhere in my room
choked with dust
and haunting memories
the helpless reels
to run away from it
but instead creating a mess
that probably
i would never clean up

there was a time
when we would just
lay on the couch
under the thick blankets
on a cold winter evening
and listen to our favourite songs
on the same tape
that i want to burn down
but i can't

i love how
fallen leaves covers the streets
during autumn
as if they are hiding
millions of stories within
maybe a deep river of sorrow
quietly flows below
their dried skin
that still gives a touch of life
even in the dead leaves

just like your memories
trapped in the old tape
that still sing songs of you
even lying in the dark
broken, cold and dusty

Fictional ink:)
Thanks for reading♥
Diya Oct 8
The quiet sky
Mirrored the silence
Within me...

In the backyard,
A little squirrel
Is having
It's secret conversation
With the guava tree...
Maybe asking the tree
To bear more fruits?

The aroma of coral jasmine
And the sweet petrichor
Spiralling up from earth
Tickled my nose

The sun is hiding
Behind the cotton curtains
Maybe she's a bit shy today
As she woke up late...
Rain lulled her to sleep
As it always does to me!

And then inside,
There lingers...
The caramelized scent
And bittersweet taste
Of morning coffee.
Mornings are really beautiful:)♥
Thanks for reading!
Diya Oct 6
"Rot in hell"-
voices travelled like arrows
and pierced her soul
into pieces
that was already bleeding

she withered away
into the haze
created by time
just to return
with wings on her back
"an angel from heaven"

and now
the world wanted
to clip her snowy wings
that took her years to grow!

was her last memory
before God took her back
to his home.

Thanks for reading
Diya Oct 5
The moon
in the charcoal skies
has a part of itself
buried in the shadows...

don't you love the moon?
(although, it has it's dark side)

But you left me
my frail body had
deep scars carved in it
and my lost soul
was stained with
shades of black
that you refused to love!

Thanks for reading poets:)♥
Diya Oct 1
My soul still lurks
In a graveyard of stars
Floating in the heart
Of  Milkyway..

A pointless hope
Still hangs by a thread
I'll find you
Amongst the fading remnants
Of flickering stars...

But it seems
Your silhouette escaped
Into the monstrous blackhole
Lying light years away
From my heart of stardust
With a vow
To never return again!

Wrote a poem here after many days...I missed you all so much and your lovely poetry...
A big thank you to people who took their time to ask me if I was was really heartwarming and so kind of you:)
Anyways, I'm back and apology for not able to read your marvellous poems:)
Diya Sep 5
The rain lilies
We planted last summer
Bloomed gracefully
After today's shower
And I saw your
Sweet Smile
Blossoming with them.

Let me plant some of them
Into the scars
On your face
when your tears will
Water them
They will bloom
You will smile

The rain and the rain lilies inspired me to write this poem:)
Thanks for reading♥
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