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May 26
For my whole life I have never truly lived.
Many risks not taken and many things mistaken.
Every art piece and music score. Every item I have in store.
I am left to face myself in death knowing I have done nothing.
As the sun of life sets I know that there is night again and with the sun down there is room.
Room for a new sun to rise and take its place in the galaxy of life we all come to call home.
As the sun rises, the spark of life on Earth is continued through all eternity.
What is time?
Is it the seconds that pass by, the minutes of our life counting down?
The life you share in love with one another? Whatever it may be you choose how you spend it.
Alone at home, with people you call family, at the place you call home.
Home is not a place you live.
Home is where you are with the people you choose to surround yourself with.
Who you call your own.
Home is not a house, home is family and friends together being themselves.
Looking back at it I did not simply do nothing. I belonged to something, I had my home.
And you have yours. Where you belong, belongs to you and you to it.
I belonged somewhere and now I must leave. In leaving comes emptiness.
An emptiness to be filled with new life coming in as I go. And so I say goodbye.
In goodbye is reassurance and happiness. Happiness in knowing I have done something.
That I can leaveΒ Β knowing I have changed the world. Knowing all there is to know.
At the very end of that sunset, I can move on swiftly with care.
On to that eternal night bright with the stars in the sky of all the other lights of life.
I have done something, I have.
Written by
Dakota  M/United States
(M/United States)   
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