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Apr 9
Writing this one on the spot
no judgement for the words that come up
lol just playing
what words will be spoken today?
which ones wave hello and smile excitedly?
You, over there!
The word on the tip of my tongue
traveled at the speed of light from my mind's eye
Aha! I see you leap into the air
fluttering your syllables and floating
landing on a friendly ear.
Or maybe unfriendly.
Like a potion or a poison
It's not my concoction
I'm reading it just like you
sitting and thinking
"oh that's nice"
"I don't get it"
"haha lol rofl"
Did I do it?
Did I make a poem?
I don't know,
I planted all these word seeds
maybe they'll grow into poetrees.
Did I do it?
I don't know,
but here it is!
Written by
Diverse TV
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