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Diverse TV Apr 2021
Writing this one on the spot
no judgement for the words that come up
lol just playing
what words will be spoken today?
which ones wave hello and smile excitedly?
You, over there!
The word on the tip of my tongue
traveled at the speed of light from my mind's eye
Aha! I see you leap into the air
fluttering your syllables and floating
landing on a friendly ear.
Or maybe unfriendly.
Like a potion or a poison
It's not my concoction
I'm reading it just like you
sitting and thinking
"oh that's nice"
"I don't get it"
"haha lol rofl"
Did I do it?
Did I make a poem?
I don't know,
I planted all these word seeds
maybe they'll grow into poetrees.
Did I do it?
I don't know,
but here it is!
Diverse TV Mar 2021
I'm not anything that I ever thought
I'm not a boy or a man
I'm not young or old
I'm not tall or short
I'm not happy or depressed
I'm not confident or shy
I'm not smart or dumb
I'm not handsome or ugly
I'm not better or worse
So often wanting to be the right thing
at the right time
But time is always moving
and no thing is always right all the time
And really, time is just a belief
Is it half past 9 or half before 10?
Does one sound right, and the other sound wrong?
They say the same thing
Just a matter of perspective
Balanced on the source of perception
Not moving, not changing
Always here
Diverse TV Mar 2021
I'm not important
I'm not unimportant
I was never imported or unimported
because I never came from anywhere
I can't go anywhere
My value can't be added onto
and it can't be taken away
It can't be changed
by fluctuating markets
purchasing value systems.
Driven by demand for scarcity
rich beyond all currency.
Aged to perfection
Younger than a newborn
and older than the Sun.
Roots so deep
the Earth is a seed.
An aroma so sweet
the five senses can't touch it.
Drunk on Self fermentation.
Diverse TV Mar 2021
An end to the narcissistic pandemic
the virus traveling through minds by spending time brooding and breeding
conjugal visits in the prison of our beliefs
momentary reprief, no release
cyclical values of devaluing Self
A false step makes a false thought and false words fall out
unbridled contagion in a naricisstic hive mind
spreading with allowance and acceptance
a lie brought close and held most dear.
It's not death, but life they fear.
A life without limitation, full of imagination,
reciprocal validation as life begets life
A seed planted deep in the mud
gathering sun and rain and earth into its heart
moving out in steady and even increments
The most contagious of ailments
Nearly 8 billion people full of life
full of breath and grown like a seed from the mud
trying so hard to stop the burning star they are
Failing every day as they breathe and be
All the beliefs and all the wrongdoing
can't stop them from living
can't stop life from living without them
One way or another, an end to the narcissistic pandemic

— The End —