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Mar 2
It's so beautiful
Falling in love with you.
You stretched out your hand
And hold me tight.
As you lay a gentle kiss on my lips
And the gentle wind
Blows softly through the tonight
And the stars are shining so
As I look into your eyes
Your smile was filled with joy and fear

Eyes so charmed and
Bright and there's silence
In the air it's happiness
All around us and as
You touch me softly
And I melt in  your arms
What a day I can never forget

Now touch your heart,
Close your eyes
And you will see that
What we have  
Is true love

Open your heart and you will
It's true love coming true
Because this love
Is so beautiful
Between me and you

And from the moment we touched
All our dreams have coming true
All we need to do
Is to swallow our ego
And do the talking

So just listen to
My heart it's beating
Only one thing
I love you.
Living on in my head
Bolaji Temilola
Written by
Bolaji Temilola  41/F/Nigeria
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