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Feb 2021
During half slept nights, fear seeps out from my dreams
It follows you, it follows me
But I invite that fear in to come rest while I hide
From everything wrong in the world but mostly everything wrong that's inside
We sit and wait reliving scenes after scene
Of everything that could happen and everything that has been
But im growing tired of fears company now so I try to turn the vacancy light off
But the light has become broken and fear said he will never stop
So I sit and I wait
And I wait and I sit
Until fear and I merge into a black and endless pit
We can try to escape this but it's harder that it may seem
Because it follows you
While it clings to me
my tales about my struggle with fear and anxiety
Sara Mlady-Allison
Written by
Sara Mlady-Allison  28/F/San Diego
(28/F/San Diego)   
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