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Oct 23
No words can share the chaotic precision
Of waves sweeping a sandy shore

Clean of its filth, expired life, footprints
Leaving the ground beneath supple and bare

Find me the words to describe
The confidence of a feisty crest

As it approaches the shore so swiftly
To pound without relent

How the pinnacles raise
A turbulent impasse

Until another frothy height
Follows its thin soapy tier

And stacks its might like ***** keys
Carrying them both to shore

Tell me the poem that captures
The layers and ripples dashing

As countless and intermingled
As the buttery layers of a croissant

I wish I could find the words to hold
This image deep within me

To remember the blur of green and blue
When I am far from their ruling roars

I would enshrine their vivacity
With a razor in my heart

If I could keep their beauty
A keepsake of nature’s art

When the outside world is yelling
I wish I could recall

At will the rumble of undertow
The thunder of admonished land

The crashing sounds that kidnap you
Forcing reality far behind

For no mortal trouble is so large
To ground you by the sea

The only thing to consume a wave
Is the crest rising in its wake
Written by
Rhea  27/Cisgender Female/Bay area
(27/Cisgender Female/Bay area)   
   Skylar Russo and Cloudydaze
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