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Sep 2020
Never on the plain level loosely gathering bubbles slightly off
Kilter a bit of a rogue,
Seemingly a kite lost flutter
Ing on ways to nowhere
And not caring
About futures or
Credit reports,
Tradition best spit out on sidewalk cafes where you order
The best chardonnay,
And get dust,
How's so ever then peeling
Off running not paying the bill,
I'd never do that, just seemingly,
Wearing my best running shoes
Loose pants,
Have you ever been looked at like you are the waiter?
Anyways, not deferred,
Nor harboring grudges colored
In no way, skin or poverty, or ambition,
The way politicians tend
To say, dole ones, the beggars,
Street urchins do touch me, as my kind and upbringing.
As one ages, and skin folds benign, along smile lines ruffages
Around mouths the white hairs
On mustache the ears getting scarred, eyes not acute to read
Prices on menus, that pause...
When you answer a question,
Along with the constant need
To visit the loo,
Men are men and women women. Grey hued slower selves
Still human.
Bless you, becomes an acquired saying to those younger faster svelte cold young babes
You just wish you could share
Your knowing.
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