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1d · 59
Just what you do,
After lunch and a cigarette
Naked as a Jay on the duvet,
Go then
After all, the fun has ended,
As the door closes,
I whisper....

Mar 1 · 20
Death row
wordvango Mar 1
Able to approach most any subject,
Abject or object
With cursory concerns,
Taking them as they come
Or they go,
The detail we all face and
Where do we go,
Seems to be almost
Caught in my throat.
As with each year that passes
The inevitable becomes
Nearer and my choices
Clearer but my convictions,
A bit more dull.
I sometimes wish for a warning, sort of a message of
My time is up,
Then say, no,
Make it quick, just turn
The lights out.
But, I'm guessing I have
No choice.
I'd like to die with a
Smile and a hard-on,
Or watching the love of my life's
Eyes glisten.
I want to be able to take humor
To the next level.
And turn over,
On the autopsy table
Giving the medical examiner
A good scare.
Or sit up in the casket and high five the crowd during my
Or expel air, just when they lower me into the ground.
So they winch
Me back up.
I'm guessing,
I won't do any of that.
Feb 12 · 33
Denominated dust
wordvango Feb 12
Forever then came like a battle
out of a parade, chaos out a
celebration,  color out a prism
All banded,  separate,  but one,
None more colorful or known,
a gathering of none,
black as the moonless night, hovering above,  cold seen but invisible as icicles on a caves entrance, utterances
High and low voices forming no words but a guttural instinct and a glow from heaven
Or below?
As sects, theological participants disbanded became part of it all a half soul half soup conglomeration of writhing
Arms legs and hearts unwoven their denominations woke up
To stare at the awakening the unknown.
Who knows what they said.
Or felt or clutched.
As they faded back into the cathedrals of dust.
Feb 8 · 36
Wake me...
wordvango Feb 8
When you get home when your eyes are open when you are tired

Wake me before the dawn in the middle of the night when you
Worry you may never see light

Wake me from nightmares I travel in horrible sequences of monsters and demons

Wake me and hold me

Wake me after my last breath has expired as my spirit leaves this sphere as I try to reach you

Wake me long after I've died and been buried, just dust in the earth

Wake me then by a memory of a day long since when, I held your hand to my chest pulled you close

Wake me anytime my love for
Its your presence I cherish your breath I breathe your eyes I get lost in

Wake me now, honey.
I'll kiss you
Jan 16 · 94
We return
wordvango Jan 16
Every song has a serenade
All the plays a theme
Everyday has its mysteries
And time has its end

As we all find her limits
As we come against the wall
Alone except for memories
We bend but never fall

With everything that's
Come before
with that star
Near our grasp
Just out of reach
Is the goal we
Have searched

You can't take riches anywhere
There's no silk or gold
There where we keep
Only our soul

Someday the roses wilt
The monuments built
Crumble, words that were spoken, still

Echo beyond, and eyes
Weve felt,, all the hearts melt,
Though flesh turns to dust
Our energy is forever more

We return to the stars
Jan 13 · 34
Where we went wrong
wordvango Jan 13
Bastions of minions compulsed by the roar
A minor compaction of death
On the lawn how
Upside the distracting messages
Cause so much to be wrong
How leaders become the problem death but a number
And rights are all talking points
Unless they are yours
How propaganda intenses
And soars until lies become truth
And truth is no more
When we look days long past and since might we see our children
As pawns in some war or as
Vital to survival above commerce in ethics and mores
There is no one to hold guilty
No more the game
As a pawn is to queen
Yet I discern among all the collective a willingness to hate to cast the first stone
When we should look at ourself first
See where we went wrong
Jan 13 · 32
wordvango Jan 13
Snake in my head my brain twists round a flick
Attacking front and back delusioned took in sheep
Fearing wolves teeth accepting
Eyes of a dandelion for
Sharks teeth describing insanity
Amid humanity and toiling still
Maskless rabid tongue savages
Mangling the sabbath
Crosses slung as martyrs in devils disguise a rabbit
Looks up surprise
A crowd of proposed Jesuit boards
Who's knives hidden
In lying tongues
Stab out all the sudden
Taking ***** and Gomorrah
Wrath and horror in God's name
Came dressed as saviors a blithe name and a traitor so slay him make this day done take no prisoners it needs
Jan 13 · 150
wordvango Jan 13
Soul full a ball
Of heart passions
Dec 2020 · 61
wordvango Dec 2020
Anyway winds bow
To the ocean mists anyway
Voices silenced through
Eternities shout
Anyway meek inherit sunrises
Or sick all become well
Anyway the wind blows
Is all about life
You know
Anyway its all been said done
No man bound in gravity can in
Anyway become godful
Anyway just a thought
A brief roundabout
A trip
Nov 2020 · 79
i and me
wordvango Nov 2020
Has the song
Been in the trees branches
Over hills
Swept sweet in streams
Cascaded upon meadows
Fell to the ears
From heaven
Resounded angelic
Familiar cries in the woods
Depths of all seas
Valleys echoed
No mountain has missed
No lion has roared
Not a man, be he human,
ever ignored,
Perfectly the voices
Signing breezes
Of things
And all that
Can be
wordvango Nov 2020
Absolutely a possibility the new know all that there is to be
Without rearing or influences
You see. They see.
From the beginning maybe
Experience colors the soul a
Bit pessimistic or routine is
It or reality that
Days add more than wrinkles
To our cheeks, perhaps, days add
Crinkles to your synapse,
A fold to your temporal lobe
Not temporary or extraneous that we learn evil,
Not a bite from some apple,
A reptilian representation, or
As we crawl skinned knees
Burn supple becomes calloused.
As It were, instinct, I can
Burning like incense in a swaying
Silver cantonment ritual.
Nov 2020 · 56
Too late a little to
wordvango Nov 2020
make a great escape, when
You've already dressed in character
Ten years you can't all the sudden decide to play the main character when you're the author, right?
Having spent my writing career a failure, obscurly devouring other's failure,
I find it considerably immature
to, all the sudden, turn my back on my own lacks of talent, and write something brilliant.
Though, I wake up, middle of many nights, sweating,
Words on my breath
To change heaven to earth,
Conscience, like a time-traveller,
Of the butterfly effect,
I stay quiet.
**** me.
I lie.
I just can't remember
Long enough to put
Nov 2020 · 64
No longer shy
wordvango Nov 2020
Feet first into boiling sky
Feeling bolder then my first time
Higher than I've ever been
Never minding how shy clouds get, they close upon your open eyes, in dewdrop drifts
Cotton puff mists,
to catch you when,
You"re about to cry.

And then, mistress mountain sighs, a layer of white crests below, wings of despaired tiredness, no longer need
To hold you up.

Diving again.
May I never come back.

Oct 2020 · 222
wordvango Oct 2020
Whatever happened
        With shortening?
Haven't seen it in any kitchen
          Or recipe, in
Fourty-five years
Oct 2020 · 195
Himself, anymore
wordvango Oct 2020
  Careless a world of daring falling
     Like embers from a fire in the
cold wind

stares longingly
   Back at the viewer
      Like small Wolf cubs left by their mother

evidenced by
     Gashes in tree bark
white streaks in a sky
      chasing yellow glances of sunlight

        The rushes of semis
Busily hurdling by
         pursuing commerce

porched rocking
       Chaired old men
To ponder on meanings
     And roars in
A head unsure of even

Himself, anymore
Oct 2020 · 38
On farberry hill
wordvango Oct 2020
Is best the berry found farther round ye journey long supposing
A furlong quarter and a half
Mile steps anticipating working up a sweat than
A vine growing up your leg
Or closer than that the vine infiltrating your mind heart soul
Closing in upon covering the windows dark berries
The ones worked for tilled fertilized staked like their home tall straight sunlight east and west known as the Farberry grow over in the next county across the line big succulent
Ruby red sweet lips bursting nutriently good dissolving like Farberrys would, like they should, luxuriant
Oct 2020 · 96
wordvango Oct 2020
Calls who why what .
    Rings now in tones.
Cellular not line locked
Airy more .intrusively.
.gone times one
Listened in
To nature alone.
Most of all hearts longing-the
    .a hair studied her
Curling round
           , ears
And could it be we've
Lost something.
    was it ever ours?
wordvango Oct 2020
Longing looks
             But what
It was
Oct 2020 · 86
The never were
wordvango Oct 2020
was a man who
Tried to become everyone
He traded and stole
Borrowed and portrayed
He never was himself
Just a trace
He was a shimmer
Of a soul
Reflecting others
Becoming unknown
As much a thief
Could ever have known
Until he chanced
One day in the dark
to think back look
At his face
In a shiny spoon
In an empty dark
Room with no
Touches of him on
The walls
No love to embrace
he had none not a nose
Or a smile no ears for
He had been borrowing
Oct 2020 · 53
Best of the worst
wordvango Oct 2020
it might seem obvious how to
Make dreams out of pure
Fairytales and iconic
Masterpieces when
Lost in embrace or
High from a kiss
But can you make rainbows
Out of stale history
And cakes out of lies
Here lies the most memorable
of things; wise of the mind
And existence,
Because not all grows strong seeds become old, die;
but they try to
Become beautiful
And in my eyes
Oct 2020 · 181
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
wordvango Oct 2020
The conscience food
Blood the essence
A tender fragrance
Wafting through nose
Tastebuds fornication  
Pure decadence
Involving dissolving gnashing
Each bite  
tiny pieces 
Veins gristle sinew
The drain
Must live be vapid enormous
The most ravenous
Survival is a thing
And the menu
Sep 2020 · 31
In a year, or two
wordvango Sep 2020
Never on the plain level loosely gathering bubbles slightly off
Kilter a bit of a rogue,
Seemingly a kite lost flutter
Ing on ways to nowhere
And not caring
About futures or
Credit reports,
Tradition best spit out on sidewalk cafes where you order
The best chardonnay,
And get dust,
How's so ever then peeling
Off running not paying the bill,
I'd never do that, just seemingly,
Wearing my best running shoes
Loose pants,
Have you ever been looked at like you are the waiter?
Anyways, not deferred,
Nor harboring grudges colored
In no way, skin or poverty, or ambition,
The way politicians tend
To say, dole ones, the beggars,
Street urchins do touch me, as my kind and upbringing.
As one ages, and skin folds benign, along smile lines ruffages
Around mouths the white hairs
On mustache the ears getting scarred, eyes not acute to read
Prices on menus, that pause...
When you answer a question,
Along with the constant need
To visit the loo,
Men are men and women women. Grey hued slower selves
Still human.
Bless you, becomes an acquired saying to those younger faster svelte cold young babes
You just wish you could share
Your knowing.
Sep 2020 · 173
wordvango Sep 2020
A full mood,
perhaps a dull
twinkle scar,

behind your dark-
Sep 2020 · 61
As bursts prisms missiles
wordvango Sep 2020
Gem missives brilliant bedazzle left right above and beyond in prismatic sparkles of all the every colors into eyes wider than windows into souls open more than spring breaths over hills softer than pillows upon shoulders bearing my breast and how might the night be were the stars to light significantly
More spectacular
Could I even breathe
Sep 2020 · 132
wordvango Sep 2020
The shore down
hill waves crash soft sand white beckons her ****** impact on soles paved paths
with pebbles underfoot
Sharp some most polished gems
Some large
Roars where I must go
Shoeless barefoot
And hear nature's voice
White crescents reaching o'er up above flying mists
Lovers in celebratory ****** from
turquoise lips
The travel am tredding
Lightly exploring each step
As some pebbles seem jealous
Their sharpness biting
Gathering up each hurt
In hand on the way
To furl away bouncing
Drowned forever
Sep 2020 · 34
wordvango Sep 2020
The prose of prawns
Once spoiled upon
The lawns fell deafly stride
The dead ears of young
Men called to defend the majesty
Of flag and home but
Whence the nouns the round
Romance verbs absorbed like
Blood into the earth
And aunts and moms
Younger brothers home
Gave up all hopes of his return
Into no poem came faith or honor, no more was the Valor
Rhyme and the cadence glory.
Oh, young,
You that preach how precious
Heed naught in haste.
Spend lightly send the old
Those in power that bend and proveracate speech in colored
Tones of we
He was my son.  
And he is no more.
What have you done.
Sep 2020 · 38
wordvango Sep 2020
a bee
flighting flower to ****
as honey on a limb
parting petals folds
on wings total
freedom nature as a thing
Sep 2020 · 34
back street
wordvango Sep 2020
A day brought forward past
The lightness into nighttimes
black blue everlasting thrusts
Pale of haunting foreboding
Tales of fear and animal lust
How then can characters be
Heroes protagonists when
In shadows predisposed
Fading into alleys masked faces
Caricatures of dissolved
Braque nudes no longer descending staircases
Just specters behind boxes
Grey skeletal membranes on cellophane wrappers lost
Dogs have licked clean
Avenue names on green Luminencsed
Signs a venue of closed
Restaurants the chairs gone inside parasols all foiled up
Flickers of candles tossed
Into puddles gathered to drench them along pebbled black walks
Feet long absent from
Then as a parallel one window
Above showing the orange of
Glow a figure looking
And you dissolve
As part of the night not worthy to know coil up rebound
On your own
Sep 2020 · 148
On a breeze
wordvango Sep 2020
No one knows the leaves
That flow upon the breezes
More than me or her
In gentle touches
Mid glance amore
The turning loose floating
Above nothing else mattering
That colored rush the turning
From green to rust
The flutter of a heart
Freefalling down gravity tugs
Together entwined
From heights of pleasures
Into lawn forever beds
Sep 2020 · 50
wordvango Sep 2020
I take my self-identity
from the ability to
Imagine the immense
Complexity: and my failing
Ability to convey
Sep 2020 · 91
Break of dawn
wordvango Sep 2020
Low stark warm
The first rays come through
Light upon;
How white
The canvas on the easel
Is again;
Anew a day,
wash away,
The traces, brush strokes
And mistakes
Aug 2020 · 195
I deal ideals
wordvango Aug 2020
never one to believe
since I found out at six
Santa was not real;
Since I loved that
Perfect girl,
With all my heart my soul,
And she didn't know
Me at all.
Aug 2020 · 54
'If' by Rudyard Kipling
wordvango Aug 2020
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
Aug 2020 · 47
nothing songs
wordvango Aug 2020
What to everyone  has known
In sound is the boundaries
All plaintive a key above
An octave
The cry like
Powerless dying
Under a tree alone
A certain cry
A calling wail
That carries upon the
Heavy air
Through forests
All over crests along the
Hips and vales
Where on a perfect dawn
She calls he cries to
Mercies majesty
And no one comes
As echoes die alone
In worthless tomes
That make no heroes
And nothing
Aug 2020 · 18
Another day
wordvango Aug 2020
2nd nation argument now,
Just another diplomatic
A plow
A war pig, a
A follower a troop
A soldier
Can I look my dear mother.
At dinner
Can i make
A toast to
Roast my indifference
And were I but
A sorrow
Show my face
To daddy
I've bit the piece took
In  my jowls
The leg the thigh the
Big piece
Oh, and I convey
My reminders
My dismay
At being
My way
Another day
Aug 2020 · 21
wordvango Aug 2020
Terrain , like eyes
Wide open horizon seeking
Limitless ranges
Unearthly bound
Beyond eye levels or concious
Design spread outward
Leg tired walking
Around sage brushes blown
Colorless deaf
Dead saguaro winds
Mid deserted highways
Prairies of tall mountains
Down that ways
Where grown is a noun
The land stretches
Far reaching times known
Somewhere between Albany
And Laredo
The outskirts of
Can't see and don't know
I met
One time a man
Lied to me
I know
Who said
Life's all a treasure
Can you give me a ride
Rode all the way to Santa fe
In silence
When he said
Let me out here
No thank you
No goodbye
Just a gesture
More like a sign wave
I don't know
Keep on keeping on
Or some such
Aug 2020 · 148
Give me just ..
wordvango Aug 2020
Give me just one second more
A chance to see your smile again
Let me hold in mind your glow
Before you go out through that door

You say that time will make amends
glances once seen last forever
In the end and memories
Are ever sown
But how I shake and fear
I need the glow of your
Smile once more

And then too soon it passed to morn and all was left were
Fading fast into the dawn
As I slept I saw your eyes
And smile as keepsakes
In my waking life

Now I want to sleep again
And dream of promises said
on your lips as we walked
Hand in hand in clouds above
This worldly land.

Give me just one second more
For I'm not ready to dream
Jul 2020 · 73
Dream again
wordvango Jul 2020
But in between
A darker glow
Often show
The utter folly we
On concrete things
That do not
At all
on walls
Or beings
Glow all
In between
The rain
And sun
How bittersweet
Is still
In silence shows
That all
Is never what you
And what you see
Is not the
That echoes
Back the haunted
As my
Eyelids close
To dream
And dream
And dream....
Jul 2020 · 110
I needed that
wordvango Jul 2020
Been a while I heard from you
Dear friend from childhood,
I've been wondering where you were
Did we grow apart?
Or just

It brought back glowing memories
Seeing your name again,
I thought the world
That we knew
Had just evolved,
Or been
Blown apart.

And there you were again,
A voice that had been put to rest
Almost a ghost a spectre gone,
Only a memory to think back upon,
When that golden day haze
Covers my eyes
It brings
A tear
To my eyes.

How changed the world can become
In days or months or years,
We tend to fabricate the past again,
Only on the bleakest nights.
Yet, here, you are again.
And the  sun is bright.
How did you
I needed that?
Jul 2020 · 99
All is well
wordvango Jul 2020
the solemness
Of lonely gratitude
Cooled long on heights of
Informal platitudes,
Songs sung lazy days
Sights seen pleasures
Rendered, ever grown
Like sprouting tenders,
Concerts won and splendors
Tasted, no one sweeter,
Than the present.
Beyond the lights sensed with
Open eyes taste buds wet
Glistening in starlights
After mint, like
Tendrils from the brown dirt
Reach always up beyond above.
The milk is heaven of the
Graciousness I feel
As the leaves blow
The waves
Make beats
Upon my shore
And birds tweet
And my worries
A mountain head my bed
A cloud my pillow, a sureness
That all is well.
Jul 2020 · 169
wordvango Jul 2020
A photo now
Hung on the wall
She for so long
Was my love and
She adopted me
Way back when
I showed up here alone
And so she followed
To be the smile I returned
To every day.
We were both orphans,
There was nobody to confide in
Or to care for and so destiny
Making a pair out of two
Lost souls.
Someone said without a family
You're nobody. I think
It might have been me.
She was my family.
She made me whole with her
Howling at sirens and her eyes
How they shone
Looking up at me,  missy taught me to love and I did.
She loved perfectly.
I believe it was destined. Her
Love was unconditional.
She gently gave me signs it was time for her to go.
And peacefully as she slept
She left.
As hard as I loved her, it is harder to lose her.
Now, she is on my wall
Looking down.
And in my heart, forever.
I'll always love you,
My Missy.
Jun 2020 · 65
wordvango Jun 2020
A few years ago something like
New ways were birthed
A long way has come since then
Emerged from the embers and rust and you, my mighty warrior friend who stayed with me to
The end
I remember forever
My companion again
You, who sang in the beginning
Whose tune played in the dark
A song never ending.
Flight like the birds do in
Cohesion, a fish swarm
In the ocean drops of tears from
The heavens a cold front over hills and there, in all the surroundings, you waited
For me to catch up.
I'm here now and forever.
My heart beats to your chord
Eyes see what is real but
The mind sees what it wants.
When rhythms meet like waves on the ocean a heart beats on the shore. Your song,
Now my ambition, your touch
On the strings my desire.
And it all seems like it
Was conditioned a play wrote
In two parts. But
I see only renditions of majesty
And the dream.
Jun 2020 · 57
wordvango Jun 2020
Telemetried on me
I've got flying machines
In my dreams
Amazon prime oiled up
Smart phones that tell me
49% my battery
Has been used shopping online
At Walmart
Got a new habit
I think
Cept this drug dealer
Arrives in a big brown truck
UPS on the side
Keeping me in the latest connected
Device, alone,  tracking a
Number like
Awaiting the knock on the door
For my refill of nougats
Of 3d printing dots
So I can
Finish my
With haptic
And siri impressions
Of ******* joy
Jun 2020 · 52
wordvango Jun 2020
Memory serves
About the last three plus  years severance
Cloaking dull wit against reverence
Albeit, without reference
Almost an experiment
In abstract humanistic celibacy  
In society gone ******* bat crazy
Red ***** splayed out for display
Engorged balloons in faces
As a zoo
Wings fallen like dead Angel's
Grounds covered with carcasses
Colors of matter like
Orange splattered unfeeling faces
Tongues lying wrong sentences
Posed like the throng knows
Right or wrong,
Truth from fiction,
A story from the made up
Believe what you will,  
Lies become the norm
And there I stand
Out on that limb,
Ten stories up,
About to fall again?

Or jump?
Jun 2020 · 32
wordvango Jun 2020
Is it
2021 yet?
May 2020 · 73
To take
wordvango May 2020
Been the longest time often wrong
Since I spoke conveniently;
Obscure have I walked long
Alone in the meadow's grass .

Barefooted like a prehistoric  
predator tending to fast twitching
Impulses the structures embedded
In my musculature an inherited trait
Like elastic bands pulled to a limit
Stretching my ligaments,
Tensing my pulse beating my heart
Fast then faster keep
Like a time-piece tuned to the distant
Of ancestors with fins crawling on the first shore
Almost this epicentric roar in my temple my head feeling it my legs full of thrusts my genesis about
To take hold of my insides, my mind. The calm part, the kid
That was
That remained
The innocent.
Kept away.
May 2020 · 70
wordvango May 2020
Wrote a whole **** poem in the comments section
Bee busy new day rush to flit and greet each and every bud on the new grass on the lawn dew fresh all proud virginal taut reaching sun's puberty in a new days sun in a new sky view a different shaped cloud about where the old one stood yesterday with more grey on its underside and a Venetian red cast to its belly loving the young
And their ways fresh the Mediterranean Congo beat pulsing around your *** soaked temporal lobe
Meets a turtle looking perturbed at a seagull who flirts with his shell on a bleached sandy white cloud on the horizon above
May 2020 · 67
Used to be so cozy
wordvango May 2020
Don't remember what
It was
Or used to be
Before it was renewed into
Modern technology
A kitschy site for
A haven for wanna-be's
Like a Cedar Tavern
In a green wish village
Friendships made
And loves were lost
But, cozy,
And now dark and hollow.
What other place but
Here could you ****
Into an ashtray?
Or get drunk
With travelers
Blind poets
And masked intruders
We could agree
To disagree
Because it was
Mostly family
We adopted
We became accepted
First time in our lives,
For many,
Now all those faces so familiar
Are replaced on the wall
With just ----  
No names at all,
I recall them.
But here,
Now into a metropolis
Where strangers hang out close
Packed but alone,
With young names
Lots of Faith's and
Alexander's and Popes,
Edgar would turn over,
Young faces
Xbox accomplishments
As their praises,
And the skyscrapers of progress
Block all light from the
And you can howl
All you want
Never to be heard
And the bar
Torn into pieces
Is in storage
I've heard
Someplace inside
The backroom
Of the CVS
There now

Hello Poetry
May 2020 · 54
Dizzy bored covid-19
wordvango May 2020
You may never meet
Your moment
Do the best for now
Sometimes the smallest
Is enormous
Become small
Apparently the karma's broken
Cause the earth's
Spin making you dizzy
Sit down
People just make
You more crazy
I get that way
All the time
Take a look at
That tree in the distance
Consider its conundrum
Planted as a seed
Eons ago
It lives and breathes
Goes through the motions
Of sending out leaves
Only to lose them
Come fall
And that tree takes
Wisdom to feel
So tall wise and wicked
To reach for the skies
It could have gave
But it's planted
Like us all
To just be
Do best it can
We can learn
Wonders from
Earth's spinning
May 2020 · 77
Little speck
wordvango May 2020
Unmissable speck
Foreign body, so small,
Invisible to all
Just a couple of molecules
Barely a cell
With a name
Now labeled Chinese,
Emerged from a bat
Or perhaps a
Lab in Wuhan,
Has taken over
Life and limb.
It has split,
Ever seen a cell divide?
And we politicize.  
Long as you white
You can carry ak47s into the
Governor's mansion
Dressed in white or
Like the toughest
Guerillas or warriors.
When a man
Traveled 1800 miles
To volunteer
Gets taken home in a casket,
It's time to get real.
And the checks from the corporation
Sponsored protests get cashed
With old people dying
In homes alone.
It's about the machine, don't
You know.
The gears keep on grinding the
The bottom teeth we are.  
Our weakest are the pawns
On this table made for sacrifice.
I want to call checkmate,you win.
Little speck.
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