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One day, one month, six years.
You know, I said it wouldn’t work
but you led me to believe I was lying.

I was scared of never being enough
and scared that you’d love me anyway.
I needed to be worth something
Physically, emotionally, it could have been anything

Three steps ahead
And a class above
Perhaps, that is the real reason
I felt inadequate with my love.

I wasn’t sure which option was more cowardly.
Holding on and letting you care for me,
or letting go and running away .

A wise man once said:
"***** either way
But time and distance can heal the pain."

I hope you’ll be fine someday.
I hope I’ll be fine someday.
Six years and a marriage later and I'm still sorry about the way I left things with you. I hope you understand, I chose what I thought was best even though I didn't know what was best.
Momento Mori
Written by
Momento Mori  25/M/Maine
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