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Nov 2013
ItsΒ Β a real life R&J; her and me
that's Romeo and Juliet don't you see?
minus the suicide of course, but true all the same
its fate and destiny that I blame
her as a Capulet, the majestic Juliet
I, the Montague, Romeo, no regret
Theres the suitor first, Paris who had his chance
This princess of a lifetime and he only offered one dance
no wonder she left him, the arrogant ***
did he really have a chance, that boy had no class.
I stole her heart with just a look, what's that say for me?
charmed i'm sure, but I'm just that **** lucky
to take her hand in just three days, lucky lucky me
she had my heart with a gesture, me happily
obliging to her every command
after all, I'm a gentleman
I have no time for swag
after all, yolo makes me gag
Quiltel The NightFury
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