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Jul 2020
This day,
I'll keep the lights on in this place.
The end can't come soon enough
and it's all that I need.
I know you want to leave but
this line's the only way
It's alright.
Together we go.

I was doing fine on my own!

Do me a favor and try to ignore
as I start the car and then I begin,
I said, "Don't be afraid. We're going home."
And in your mind you're singing la-da la-da la-da la-da (la-da la-da da)

Now is the ****** to the story!

Let's take this a second at a time,
and now that I write and think about it,
I'm pleading please, oh please on my knees repeatedly asking,
Hey, hey, wouldn't it be great, great,
my time today-
down in the forest.
I'm holding on to what I know
my bad behaviour but I bet I could have been a better man,
and you will never understand what I believe.

Luckily I can read your mind.
You hold the cure,
silent in the trees.
Living empty-handed,

I'm not done, I'm not done yet, no!

I'll stay awake,
Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes
that make Pandora's Box's contents look non-violent.
Will you take care of me?

I have these thoughts,
'Cause I'm twisted up, I'm twisted up inside.
I'm trying to be so cool
you'll have to watch me struggle,
and I'll fall
'Cause when the sun sets, it upsets what's left of my invested interest...

I want to see,
The sun will rise, and we will try again.
Just another attempt to make the voices stop.
Wish we could turn back time (oh), to the good old days (oh)

I know it's hard sometimes.

What I wanna save I will try.
My heart is my armor
I found my way.

Hope you haven't left without me, please.

I don't know where you are. You'll have to come and find me, find me!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!)
I will let the wind go quietly,
I don't know why, I just feel I'm better off.
Don't let me be-!

If you need anyone
and everyone's asleep, mind you
I'll morph to someone else.
I'll go with you, I'll go with you.
Let me catch you up to speed:
For you, I would get beat to smithereens.
Promise me this,
Just don't believe the hype!
They want to make you forget,
if you decide
to feel some control.

This clique means so much to this dude!
They know that it's almost over.

But you walked by like you never heard...
this was written entirely out of twenty one pilots lyrics
Written by
end  20/Gender Fluid
(20/Gender Fluid)   
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