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Jul 13
Some surrounded, some are hounded,
And some corners - simply rounded.
Some lessons are never learned,
Face feels slightly burned.

What’s the most ideal place to be? 

And where in life should people flee?
Where’s home and what we strive for? 

And what worth fighting for? 

Too many questions and fewer answers.
No queens, no kings, no lancerns.
We see ourselves, we pity our actions,
Sometimes drown in our own affections.

Be strong they say. Be strong and patient.
I’m young but feel so ancient.
Who can I rely on and who is on prowl?
It’s a full moon. It’s time to howl.

A life - just one big foolish dream.
You can stay silent or you can scream.
Red substance will put you to sleep,
Are you a wolf or just a sheep?

The words sometimes are a little blurry,
Do I need to worry? 

Where should I go and where is home? 

Where is my bed and where do I belong?
Written by
YY  New York
(New York)   
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