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Apr 2020
There is this girl who is a joyful one.
Having no care about in her life for she had everything she wants.
Every single thing that she asks will immediately be done.
Yelling her servants to come and then chants:

"Servants of my household, hear me thee."
"Have my humble request be done immediately."
"Every word, every word, you shall agree."
"Gather here my servants for I have a wish for me."

One by one, her sevants came before her.
To hear her utterly rediculus wishes - they're silently furious.
Reaching their limits, if not for her father.
A gentle man with honor to which they are gracious.

Passing the message, they had enough.
Everyone gathered and devised a plan.
Dark comes in and it's time for her to be thought.
Heaven forbids for what they have done.

Early morning when the sun rose up.
Residents of  the town heard thay the girl suddenly hanged up.
A forced poetry. I'm not even going to hide that fact since I rushed this one up. Didn't had much time for proofing. I just write it and went on since I'm in a hurry. Welp, still a poem I wrote, so...
Maple Hartmann
Written by
Maple Hartmann  F
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