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Feb 2020
When I hold you in my arms what do I feel?
Something I cannot express with words.
It is tenderness that warms my heart.
When I’m injured, your kind phrases heal
Every wound that tortures me and hurts,
Every pain that tears my chest apart.
It is happiness that I do not know how
Makes me fly up high and touch the sky,
Makes me smile when I wake up at dawn.
Everything around gets bright somehow,
And I’m sure this feeling will not die.
What’s inside my heart cannot be gone.
It is peace that everybody needs,
Even those who like to live at strife,
Those who very often draw a sword.
And you show me with your words and deeds
That you want so much to lead your life
In accord with mine from now onward.
It is passion that inflames my flesh,
And sometimes its fire is so strong
That its tongues can even scorch my bones.
Such a heat is able to enmesh
All my heart and body for so long,
That by touching I can melt the stones.
It is love, a gift sent from a star.
And this feeling is so great and pure,
It enslaves our souls and makes them free.
And in love with me you also are,
That is why I am completely sure
That together we are meant to be.
Michael Demian
Written by
Michael Demian  M
   Bogdan Dragos
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