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Feb 2020
I want to die.
No longer will I say
Life is beautiful.

Reality is harsh.
It doesn’t matter that
I try and try,

The sun shines bright


The sun goes dim,

And everything changes.

One last hope;

A hope found


A hope lost

That’s all it takes.

One thing,
In my life,
Made the difference,

A change of perspective


“This is the wrong choice”

He said—

Second thoughts crept into his head,

As he remembered a quote of hope.

Which he discarded swiftly

While he wrote the note,

He made up his mind


His pen danced ghastlily...

...write this on his grave—

“Here lies a casualty of the digital age”
Reads forward and backward, line by line
Black Jewelz
Written by
Black Jewelz
   Rob Rutledge
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