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Jan 2020
The feeling when I jump off the riverbed and for one brief moment I am weightless, suspended before I submerge into the water

When I’m about to open a door to a friends house filled with people. The world goes silent while I reach for the doorknob

The pause I take before I’m about to say something that will change

The moment when I see someone I love who I haven’t seen for a long time

When I realize I’m about to achieve something I’ve worked so hard for

When I have to make a decision between two different paths

When I know I’m approaching the time to choose, but I walk between the two
One foot in each possible decision for a long time
Relishing in my indecision

The moment when tears well in my eyelids, the pause before they fall down my cheeks
They don’t fall until I let them

The time that passes between when you realize they don’t love you anymore, but they haven’t told you yet

When I’m about to bite into my favourite decadent cake, one satisfying bite dances in front of my lips before I devour. When you can taste it before you’ve even started

The pause between when I turn on the shower and the water actually starts falling onto my skin

Consciously living between who I am and who I see I can be
She’s so clear in my mind

The moment I reach for someone’s hand

The coat I have for in between seasons

When I receive bad news
And I feel nothing
Before I feel everything
Written by
Molly  28/F
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