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Jan 7
Do you remember that time,
That magnificent time, when together we
Were on the beach, you and I;
We were lying and smiling and playing
Little crickets were singing their songs in
The grass;
Little children were fidgeting with their little things
Looking just like a cherubs without their
And the days were so warm, and the sun
That did shine,
And the sound of the waves; and the gulls
β€˜Bove the brine;
It was long time ago,
Lot of things to and fro
Had gone by
Since that time
Where were just you and I;
I Believing that mine
You will be forever;
But now standing here with so, with so
Misty a
And holding so tightly, so tightly a feather
That to me as a present
You gave me, you gave me so long time ago
And here justΒ Β I am, and your grave, and the crow
Written by
S I N  19
   A Poet's Voice
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