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Jan 2020
A slow fall,
A skydiver
Without a parachute.
A straight plunge,
A meteorite
Crashing to the ground
Engulfed in flames.
What will it be,
This time around?
Will it drag me down slowly,
And force me to watch
My own self destruction?
Will it grab on
And force me down
In a moment
That’s faster than a blink?
So abrupt,
That it takes me a moment
To understand
Exactly what happened
When I wake up
Surrounded by the wreckage?
This is a re-upload of an old poem. I'm going back through and fixing my poems. Rewording them, fixing spelling and wording mistakes, etc. It's been maybe a year and a half since I stumbled upon this website and my writing has already changed so much.
Written by
kmr  22/F/Callisto
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