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Sep 2019
I'm going to confess
All of my best secrets
Mostly that you're cute
And I want to hug
And if you put your hand on my thigh
That wouldn't be so bad
But mostly let's tell jokes
And go to the park
Make fun of all the books
In the local library
I want to hear your music
And all about your friends
Let me spill my darker ****
Or read with headphones in

It's really crazy
If we're being honest
But I'd just as soon
Hang out with you
As I would make out
My feelings are far from platonic
Don't worry about that
I just want to be with you
Wherever that may be
I've really never felt this way before. I mean, I'm sure that's not true, but it's been a while. I've never felt so sure about someone. But I know that I like them, and I know that I'm going to tell them, and I know that even if they only think of me as a friend, I'm still going to stick around. Because being around them is ******* amazing.
Written by
hannah stares at the sky  F/Haven, ME
(F/Haven, ME)   
   Fawn and xxx
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