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Aug 2019
you set in motion, events which cascaded, your emotions imploded, descended into depression, you threw it all away. was it worth it, all the hurt, to yourself, those around you

i trusted you, let down my guard, let you in, only to have you wreak havoc, with my heart, i am trying to forgive, but the pain lingers, i can not forget, the emotional damage

i was there, your rock, tried to help, you pushed me away, self destructed, survivors shocked, after an explosion, trying to understand, what happened

i replay the end, endlessly, trying to fathom the unraveling, deciphering your words for clues, i feel helpless, i can’t understand, make sense of what happen

i pray you are happy, that you’ve found peace, have some tranquility
ghost queen
Written by
ghost queen
   BR Dragos
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