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Aug 16
We are strung along through space and time
by forces so infinitesimally small
and yet so gargantuan on a collective scale,
it's almost as though we can never be exactly sure
of where we stand on the cosmic rug.
All of our lives, we are pushed and pulled
against our better judgement like marionettes
along an ever flexible track,
drawn to things larger than us
much like planets are drawn to the stars;
bodies of being floating around a grander existence.
As our universe expands at an ever constant rate,
we sit puzzled by how it somehow creates itself
despite the laws of physics claiming that it can only be recycled.
Perpetual motion machines are impossible as well,
and yet we rotate around the sun without ever sinking into it.
Life itself revolves like a spinning door in space
as it moves around the axle of impossibility
and the nature of existence itself.

don't ever let unbreakable odds keep you
from achieving the impossible,
even the universe makes its own exceptions.
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