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I'm saying goodbye to your lies
I've held my stress my whole **** life
Every time you'd cry I tried
To cope with the pain so your sane
I came to text or come see you
My lame checks are nothing to you
I just wanted the best for you
Goodbye, it was nice knowing you
These old memories in my head
They take over me in my bed
Even in school I said I'd try
To forget but its hard to why
I just wanna leave it behind
It must be just me, my time to cry
I'm hurt, I suffer, you bluffed or
Made it up, faked and covered
I take I loved her it's over
She was so great to me I thought
We would live days together ought
To be better I let her take
My mind over I gave her phase
A chance it would have gone away
It's gone the past I ask you laughed
Your smile I was glad you had
That look but I look back and lack
The sense to see what I did wrong
This song is a goodbye, I'm gone
Written by
Jordan Hudson
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