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I'm tired of this never ending pain, the realization that I have nothing left to gain,
from the heartache and shock stemming from that fake love.

And that's all it ever was,
          fake love.

It was there masquerading as the one and only feeling you get when your there curled up against your lover.

It was disguised as that hand that pulls you out from the deep depths of your own mind.
It paraded as a savior from your own viscous thoughts of self deprecation.

Those lonely nights where your fake love would whisper in your ear how amazing and loved you are until those thoughts suddenly cease.

For a while it's great, you believe every word of ******* this person is pedaling until one day you see through the lies.

You realize how oblivious you've been to the fake smiles, the eye rolls, and sighs of "this again" when your insecurities arrive full force.

Suddenly, you're awoken to the truths of how much love hurts. You wish and pray for someone, anyone, to take all the pain away. And as always your cries are met with silence. You come to the startling realization,

I'm alone again.

Only this time, no one is there to save you.
Alexis Elizondo
Written by
Alexis Elizondo  Houston
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