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May 2019
The life we made fell apart as you left me strandad on an island for two
I grew cold and built a pyre and on it i set a fire
I burnt all that we had created.
I burnt the songs created with love, drowned the poems I'd written in pain.

I had forgotten that they were not just words that we had written; they were worlds that we created.
I watched as my word drowned in a see of darkness. As yours burned an ever dwindling flame.
I watched as the world around me crumble as our poems are lost forever .

Iā€™m a broken man in a broken world.
A world that we had created, that i have broken.
Not really a great poem but probably something ill perfect later on. I sadly deleted all the poems i wrote. i'm starting to write again.
Written by
       Fawn, --- and Fecundeity
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