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Apr 2019
I observe the world with tear-filled eyes
As deceitful bounders don their disguise,
Pretending to care for the down-trodden,
Their pledge of compassion, soon forgotten

Why am I compelled to answer the cry
Of the hopeless whose lives have gone awry,
Marooned on Life's sea, left with but one oar,
Why am I compelled to pull them ashore?

It pains me to hurt any living thing --
Rather than **** a bee, I'd let it sting;
In my heart I know this is who I am ---
The martyr, the sacrificial lamb

Can this be choice? the instinct is so strong!
I'm too keenly aware of right and wrong;
I can't help but choose to do the right thing,
And this behavior has me wondering ......

Kids who tear wings off of butterflies ----
Is this a behavior they can revise?
Is this really free will, or do you suppose
Just inherent traits that we can't oppose?

I can't help but think choice is preordained,
At birth, some dark souls with evil are stained,
While others carry their cross up the hill;
Do we choose ..... do we really have free will?
Lorraine Colon
Written by
Lorraine Colon  Missouri
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