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To live a truer life
I fancy quiet surroundings
To allow me the lull of my inmost thoughts

The sojourney longing has barely begun
For Your company to Keep
I kneel down and plead forward

Mercy on our souls living in a worldly world
Complacent feel when only my breathing I hear

Let's not rejoice in a darken solace
But in a rich, cloaked affection.

I found Peace
Rare contentment in adjoining my tomorrow
Repose I have found.
Do not permit other agonies

Your quiet disrupt
And when strifes erupt
My tomorrow is now much coeval
The sought peaceful living I entreat
It's Tuesday and usually, I either feel dull or anxious. It's still early in the week and there's so much to do & accomplish. I hope this poem soothes your soul as it does to mine.
Written by
Drusila  F/Japan
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