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Mar 29
Show me...
There are so many thing about you that people don't see
They try to show you their issues
Compared to what some people go through, their "issue" isn't really an issue at all

You want to scream, shout, rant, rave
Anything you can do to make them listen

They don't care
You try to be open
To be honest
...They Shrug it off

I guess what you have to say isn't that important to them

That's it
That's the breaking point
You let it all out

Show me!
Show me how this isn't so bad
Show me a time when you wanted to slit your wrists and make your suffering end

Show me!

Show me a time when you were stripped away from your family
Show me a time when you were placed in the foster system at, not even, two years old

Show me!

Show me a time when you felt unloved......unwanted
Show me a time when you found out two of your closest friends are suicidal
Show me the scars on your wrist from each time you tried something

You can't!
You don't have any

Show me a time when you were ripped apart
Unable to figure out who you really are
Show me a time when your parents tried to kick you out at 16
Show me a time when you felt so lost all you could see was the darkness

Show me!
**** it!
Show me already!

Show me a time when you woke up crying from a nightmare
Where one of the people you love the most was the person who caused your death

Show me a time when you would just sit in your room, alone, and cry until you felt sick
Show me a time when your closest friend stabbed you in the back...multiple times

Show me!
I'm begging you
Show me!

But you can't
You haven't experienced it

Show me you know what this type of pain feels like
Show me you know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep for weeks on end
Show me a time when you almost lost who you were
Show me a time when you almost gave up everything you believed in

You can't
You don't know what I'm talking about

Beneath the surface of my harsh exterior, there is a girl
And she is struggling

She is fighting a war the only way she knows how
She is breaking apart
Trying so hard to put herself back together...only to be broken again

See how she feels through her eyes
See things the way she does

For her
It's dark

That's how she feels
She struggles to find a silver lining

But if you don't look past the surface, you will never know

You will never know she's breaking
You will never know she's falling apart
You will never know the battles she fights daily

You won't know unless you look beneath the surface
When you finally do, let me know what you find
Most of what is talked about in the poem has happened in my lifetime, as well as to some of my friends.

"Don't judge my story by the chapter you walked in on."-Unknown
Sarah Martindale
Written by
Sarah Martindale  F
     Fawn and Brooke
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