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Mar 2019
Cities, all empty and dark,
Towns long abandoned,
But there is one place,
With a light of silver,
Flowers blooming,
Stone so beautiful...

A graveyard;
The empire of the dead,
Filled with the pale light of the moon,
Beams gentle and forgiving,
Soothing and connecting,
The souls so broken,
The flesh so tormented,
Here they rest.

Telling their tales,
Singing their songs of woe,
Expressing their moments of life,
Possibly their moments of inner death,
Bound forever in the minds...

Dancing, brooding,
To each their own...

Here I walk,
These filled, yet empty streets,
Glancing at these wonders,
These fallen warriors,
So bold, yet not very old...

Beautiful silence,
Beautiful pain,
Lost in all of the mistakes,
Slowly fading from the misery,
Unable to stay,
Yet unable to leave...

- Jay M
March 25th, 2019
Jay M
Written by
Jay M  15/F/California, USA
(15/F/California, USA)   
     Harper, Perry and Em MacKenzie
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