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Mar 2019
When I close my eyes I see a pool of words
I am buried in a swirl of phrases in worlds
But when I open them
I'm struck by silence unbeknown
I hold my breath
Then take a deep breath
I bite my tongue, yes I'd rather
Be silent before I stutter  

When I sleep I can see clear descriptions
When I wake my mind and mouth are in altercation
It's because my words have never meant much
My speech has never been recognized
I see myself clearer in adjectives
Than in mirrors.
I used to see myself better in people's eyes
And see a definition in their words
They described me as "useless"
And that I was unless
I could find a use for this thing called a mouth "Fool" they called me
And that I was unless
I could find a voice to speak those words
They labelled me "stupid"
And that I was unless
I could gather enough courage to move my lips
And speak those words I see
If only I could summon the strength to rearrange that sea
Of words I dream of
And make something meaningful Create something beautiful
And say something useful  

Miss Fit
Belief in oneself is one of the most important things in this world, to define oneself before hearing from anyone else...
Miss Fit
Written by
Miss Fit  22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe
(22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe)   
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