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Mar 2019
When I look in the mirror it's like all I can see are my glaring flaws
The wild broken strands of my hair refusing to be tamed
The blemish that never ceases to rear its head
My belly that is always a little too round if only it could just be less
My thighs that rub together
My arms that defy my womanly existence because no woman's arms are that hairy
The purple sweeps underneath my eyes
That people always comment on when I have been brave enough to not cover them in makeup

When I look in the mirror
It's a war with myself

A war that has waged a lifetime
I'm tired
And the fighting has left my battleground filled with mud where did the flowers go
We're not born like this
Where did I get the notion that my value lies on my surface and not below it?

When I look in the mirror
Instead of fighting
I want to plant a garden
Wildflowers in my ears as colourful as my thoughts
Dandelions so I can make infinite wishes when they turn to seed over and over and
A patch of roses so their thorns remind me  of my heartache
Tulips for my resilience
To feed my belly that I starved  
Let them nurture my bones unconditionally
Let my garden bring dragon flies
So I'm reminded that this world has been here longer than me and it will remain despite a thousand winters

I look in the mirror  
My hands caked in dirt
In all my imperfect glory
The roots soak up my tears
I am finally home from the war
Written by
Molly  28/F
     Fawn, Clueless and Steven
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