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Jan 2013
Turn da bottles upside down
The bingo linggo is right up here
No need to estimate
Ain't show 'em what you got
Coz the feminine swag is right in front of you

Hit da spot,break 'em low
Erbody's on the floor,hot & cold
The center of attraction is here we go
Sweat like it's the end of the court
Make some noise,the battle is not yet done

Here is the piece of my paper
Sonnet to Haiku,get 'em yours
While i make my lyrics out of it
I bet you to sing this song
Coz It's you that I crack the most

Fly high coz im so high
This super legacy of mine
Is not yet over,bring me to the court
And I'll make you cry while you can run
Too fast to drift out of your collateral words

***** bootsy,shakin' ya *****
The tingga ling, bling bling mingle naw to da floor
Ain't gonna lose coz this **** got me pumpin'
Now I can drop ya to the floor
Coz it's fresh like a g6

Now I can flip ma hair to ya gorges face
So wassup now! And you can tumblin' down to my feet
Look what i've got, Its a brand new style
Now spin it while you can
And Open ya eyes coz dis ain't a dream

Mine is a simple yet i can make you blown out of it
From A to Z,the lines are getting ahead
Loads of fans while I can make ma audience jump to their seats
Scream to the screen,while I can star struck you to my voice
Back Off now,while It's not too late
This is a response to Chuck's gangsta poet.
This is just a poem/P.S to the rappers out there not intend meanly.
Written by
jerely  Japan
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