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Jan 7
The first time in a long time, you've finally been able to rest.
No, not a rest your eyes for a few minutes type of rest.
The real deal.
You're on a break from your job.
From school.
Life has started again.

You can talk to your friends.
Really plan a date this time...
You've been talking to a guy/gal.
You can't tell if you're starting to fall for them.

You've never done this before, but you've wanted it so bad.
You don't get complimented often.
You've never been flirted with by someone you've been attracted to.
It's not like you're only into models or pseudo-**** guys/gals.
Your type of "average" is cute, so your bar isn't that high.

You get a text message from your phone.
You grab it and read what it says.
Your eyes widen!
You clutch your chest!

...Your heart stops.
It drops...


                                         "I've found someone!"
...What's that cracking sound?
Written by
Puffball  M
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