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Jan 2019
Bridge Building
We dug in the mud we used sticks
When we found bits of wreckage I was happy
When I heard the soldiers talk of ghosts I was in disbelief
When I realized I was here by fate I was fine
When I knew my Goddess guided me I was chilled
When my Hello Kitty tumbler fell I knew
When we knew this was the spot I cried
When we found a bit of bone I was elated
When I knew we had succeeded I was a girl
When I knew the big wigs had failed I smirked
When I hear it’s true what we found I’ll believe
When I hear that we found Lt Stone I’ll drink
When I drink in memory of Stone I’ll invite him
When I drink with Stone I’ll invite Kurosawa
When we all drink together we will all smile
And say how silly mad bad sad war is
But how cool aeroplanes are
Then we will all be fine
And laugh and enjoy our destiny
For we have all lived
And walked this green land
And flown in its blue skies
nick armbrister
Written by
nick armbrister  122/Two-Spirit/earth
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