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Jan 2019
Every time I feel myself falling, I try to grab onto you.
Slipping my arm through yours, hand locking around your waist.
Broadcasting your warmth from every pore - I relent, knots unwinding
for that second before you steel up tall, lock your chin, and frown.
Then you shake me loose. I can see on your face that you don’t want to push me away
Which is why you’re not. You’re shaking me over the centre of the earth
But it is my gravity that will claw me down and **** me.

This is your epicentre. The point where all your earthquakes start:
You did not push me down the hole. You merely shook me loose over it. Differentiation.
Hey so lately I've been struggling a lot with my partner. We don't go to bed together anymore. Anyone who reads my poetry (so no one) will realise that perhaps it hasn't been good for a while. Last night he came to bed at 07.30am - we hadn't even been out. This is not the life I look forward to.
Written by
Secret-Author  London
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