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Dec 2018
I was never able to put my finger on it before,
but I think it's that I see
new and different situations and experiences  
as new, and different..

Many people seem to know or expect what's going to happen,
from the start..
Guided by past patterns and experiences
But I don't think that way
I take people at face value (at first)
Give them the benefit of the doubt
Wait for them to show me who they are
I don't expect things to turn out a certain way
I wait to see how they turn out

I don't know if that's naive..or optimistic..
I just know that the alternative is awfully lowering
I find myself veering in that direction sometimes;
I suppose that's what life does to you
But I truly hope that that doesn't become my default -
For now at least, I think I'd rather be naive than numb...
Just some self reflection and hope for the new year

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Compliments of the season  ! =)
Written by
         Fawn, Pagan Paul, Julian, M-E, South by Southwest and 7 others
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