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Dec 2018
Today, in this early afternoon, the sun is missing but I think I met someone I could like - actually, maybe I already like the person enough to type these words that were stranded in my pocket for so long. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to talk to him? To take him out for dinner? Ask him if we could ride the train together? Maybe I'm not supposed to do anything, maybe there's nothing to be done with it. It's just funny how I used to think that in real life - this ordinary and mundane life - we don't meet someone just as it plays in the movies. We don't meet someone we would ever so suddenly click with, we don't meet someone who would ask us all the right questions no one bothered to ask. We can't meet someone like that, I thought. But then, just as the universe knows every single push and pull of our being, it happens. We meet someone who would ask and listen. We meet someone who feels easy to be with, someone with courage and grace - but then it ends there. We meet someone and sometimes that's it.

The universe designed us for the longing and the missing and the hollowness that comes with it. It makes us live with the thoughts and the questions of what ifs and what should've beens but lets be glad it does. For at least in a moment, in that fraction of time, you know they felt it too.Β Β With such fleeting silence, the world slows down, and the sun decides to show up only to adore what it would soon lose in that early afternoon.
not really a poem I guess
Hae Sun
Written by
Hae Sun  F
   jza aguilar
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