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Dec 2018
Well this is my goodbye letter to the world. So today mark as 6 months with my girlfriend. But guess what? she dump me a week before we made  6 months. She told me things i didn't even know, Like cheat on me. It okay, it hurt because everything i did was my fault. I mean i'm not killing myself because of a girl. My reason are my choices in life. I could have been a better person for one. Then knowing she cheated on me and it funny because one of her friend told me it was my best friend she cheat on me with. It show my worth  because i don't believe her or my best friend. By knowing that it close my case knowing my worth. I wish things could have been better but look what i'm going to do on Christmas. I'm trying to overdose. I try last night but really woke up at 3 pm.  Other reason is no one care about me. I wish people did care but i always ruin it. She move on that quick and blame on me for replacing her. I didn't wish she knew that. Well I'm useless and worthless.  I know people say it going to get better but it really isn't it getting hard to live and wake up. I just hope people know i'm going to go to a better place.
- Jose Avalos sging out
Written by
José  17/M
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