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Dec 2018
Hello there, those I know and those I don't.

Newborns can't walk because they never fell.
They end up growing up, sooner or later, and walking, running, sprinting towards or away from whatever. Falling in the process, of course. In many ways, that is.

When we trip and fall we know it's gravity we're supposed to resist. Other falls in life, however, aren't as clear. And we simply don't know.

Like a baby who doesn't know their feet are meant for walking; only knowing they must move from point A to B, and finding a way.

I see you my friends; I see you falling and puzzled. Afraid sometimes.
I feel your pain, the echoes of your falls too familiar. Same as you, I also don't know.

But it's okay to fall. More, it's okay to fall apart. I've had to a couple times. I like to believe it made me better and better each time I recollected myself.

I am fine. You'll be too. I believe in you.

With Sincerity.
A little something for everyone, and I hope it reaches out.
Fall apart, that's okay.
Written by
Boi  21/M/On a chair
(21/M/On a chair)   
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