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Nov 2018

Always in an entrapment
Humans are not fully evolved

Whatever humans do
Always caged in a cocoon
Unfulfilled and distressed

No matter how many births...
Drudgery remains

It isn't easy
To let go grudges
No 'conditioning' budges

How much / many times we struggle
How much we pretend to be happy
No door opens up to break-free

Like a butterfly
Lying dormant within cocoon
Awaiting illumination to seep in

Like dead corpses
Scratching the inner skin
Peering though translucent shells
Breathless and restless
Decaying within -
With a hope of a "crack"

That's the time when
The cocoon tightens

Colors teases the rues
Heart beats the air of freedom

The fairies of courages
Spreads its wings
To soar higher as "dreamZ"
To battle and baffle
To ciphers and blunder
By taking a clue from within

Breaking the shackles
To embrace the sparkled dust
Digesting and leaving behind...
A transitional state to ONENESS

One need not cry for quiescence
Now one awaits the cosmos -
Sky, rainbow, stars.... infinite

Bidding farewell...
The LOVE's butterfly
Desires to flutter and fly

LOVE is the only #chrysalis
Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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