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Sep 18
My hearts a pool of acid
My tears are shards of glass
I sit in the darkness
As time goes flying past.
I watch in silence
I can't breathe
As my world collapses
Was it all just make-believe?
A series of lies?
Lies I told myself
Were they your design?
Was this the plan?
Manipulate my mind
And twist my soul
So when you were done
I was no longer whole?
A shadow of who I was
A specter in my life
Floating through the cacophony
The despair
I'm Drowning now
Drown in the waves of regret
Waves of words unsaid.
To the bottom of this sea
A place with no air and nothing to touch or see
Was it me or you?
The one who took the leap
Or the one that fell?
I remember
Though you may not
A time of love
A time of friendship
But before I knew it
You were gone
Sand through my fingers
Only a recent all too painful past.
My souls' sister
It ended all so fast
Fading like a dream
You dissolve into fading memories
Your back to me, You walk into the abyss
Disappearing and soon,
You're gone
Gone is the laughter
The joy and love
Apathy remains
I wear it as a mask
To hide my secret pain
The truth of my misery
No solace to be gained
My shouts go unheard
The bridge begins to crumble
I can't speak a word.
The tears fall unbidden
I cannot stem the flow
I collapse down in agony
As I'm forced to watch you go
Come back to me
I beg you not leave
You watch my tears
with passive eyes unstrained
You know my pain
but you make no sound
No movement.
Did I mean so little?
Cast aside without a thought
I see now why
The answers that I sought
Lay before me glowing pale in the dark
Help me I plead the shadows
They cover me in a blanket of silence
Quieting my rampaging thoughts
I hear no sound
Feel no sensation or pain
All is still...
Have I disappeared?
Faded into nothing?
I feel no pain
No Tears
No joy
No bliss
No dark thoughts to plague my mind
My souls' sister I see it now
My life without you
Cutting through the inky black
Bright and pure
Full of fire and life
To fight the shadows you had brought
I face the light
I am stronger now
And I'm ready to fight
I recently went through the end of an 8 year friendship due to anothers interference and I have had a hard time working through it. I wrote this as a form of therapy to try and help.
Written by
Amanda  22/F/Earth
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