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Sep 2018
A page of a story that
recorded times of us together,
written only by a pencil
that was beneath your table,
words etched and
woven into sentences,
and intertwined to
create beautiful paragraphs,
beautifully written and
the words so precise,
but such beauty cannot
last anymore, cause
the absence of your shadow
still looms around the
bedroom floor,
the pain you inflicted
on me still burns so brightly,
that even the stars lose
in splendor, I want to
forget and eradicate these
feelings of pure sadness
and this pitiful love,
I reach the eraser that
you left on the right
side of my desk that
you used to sit on,

I caress the paper like
I was saying goodbye,
Gently, the eraser
moved with splendor
and finesse, as it goes up,
down, left and right, the
memories run down
like pieces of rain drops,
fast but quiet, then tears
fall out as I see the words
once so beautiful
be erased and are slowly
disappearing from sight.
Slowly, gently and
carefully I erase these words,
like the way I want to
forget the things
both you and I shared.
Turning this once
magnificent and beautiful
story into mere nothingness,
The memories written
inside me, I want it to
be as empty,
as this blank sheet of paper.
Written by
Marthin  19/M/PH
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