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Aug 2018
The night was silent and soothing,
In its own way of greeting, stars were twinkling,
Slowly the night was unfolding
More than others, a star was twinkling

The shine was bright and pleasing,
And at dawn, the stars twinkle was easing
The question perturbed me the whole next day
Did that star had something to say?

As the evening start to lose its vigour
Moon shone and stars begin to shiver
To my surprise one star would shine more
While the moon was busy in narrating Universe's lore

To wait and observe was not within me
That star had something to say, I could see
Determined, I asked the star
Why from others it stayed so  far

Refusing to narrate his story at once,
Looking at my warmth and interest, I could finally convince
'That's my love' , he pointed at moon
And tears started rolling his eyes soon

The night suddenly lost its calm
He started searching something in his palm
Every other happiness to him was destined,
Moon would love her back, God was not so kind

Did he ever say to Moon what he feels?
And did with a ring in hand, he would kneel
He tried , tried hard but each time his mouth would seal
For years, this pain he couldn't heal

Moon had beauty of its own kind
Which every star could only dream to find
He was afraid ' Moon is in love with Mars'
And moons love is not in his stars

I asked ' Would he say it someday?'
Replied he, ' that's not in God written play'
At moon and Mars wedding, he would shine
I understood her happiness is not hers it's mine
Written by
Sourabh kotecha  M/India
       Fawn, Mistry and Brian Foote
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