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Brian Foote Sep 2019
For This,
      Inner Path,
  Killing Is Bad.
Brian Foote Sep 2019
First conscious
Heaven God
God is both eyes
Eat my boogers
Celebrity bikers
Man of honesty
I am here for a purpose
I'm not a humble person
Shelter in the storm
I've cracked
Mother Earth Blessings
Fun and Happy
The Titans are Mortal
I bet you do
Lucifer is a total fool
Exalted ruler
Gave real people Not actors
Purple monster
They created it
Lies become truth
Only the best
Lots of shouting
Get the facts straight
Natural cures
I feel it in my bones
For I certainly did
Brian Foote Aug 2018
love of love
drawn away
to remember
and give
our sin
in blood
and lifted
in spirit
with a smile
Brian Foote Aug 2018
I am
I am
Brian Foote Aug 2018
I can put rocks in socks and put socks in a box, I can curl them up like dreadlocks, I can work at like an ox, but that still small vox, that fox, can't be contained.
Brian Foote Aug 2018
tried truths technically terrific titanic times tell temple teachers to taste temptation together tied tight twisted toward testimonials thought thoroughly through them

Jesse Cook
Brian Foote Aug 2018
Muffed myths mystically mediocre
might make muzzled men mighty mad
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