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Aug 2018
I am getting dragged
behind you
Just like a rope
Lifeless, hopeless.

The diversion you take,
Me too turn behind,
Dumb, subconscious..

Your destination is in your thoughts,
I just walk behind you,
You walk to achieve something,
I walk behind questioneless..


Is not my destination
my determination..YOU?

Do you realize
I walk behind you?
Can you hear my footsteps..
Dragging with a hush??

Why am I
Asking you all this?
Was walking behind you not my own decision?

You are moving for your own resting place,
I was anyways never the whole final destination for you...
Then why should my ubiety in your 'moving life' should have any mention??

I have made you my destiny by choice,
Should my life have any other diversion than yours..??


Life partner - 2 (Reply)

I could feel you getting dragged behind me,
Your presence completes my existence,
You are walking behind with held breaths,
I move ahead counting your breaths..

I am moving with a great speed,
To wait and rest for few seconds is impossible..
I could hear your heavy weezing,
But to slow down is impossible..

You speak the truth,
You walk behind making me your destiny,
And so I walk on the good road till today,
Thorns will come surely in my path in future,
But I am trying to take bit longer but smooth roads..

Neither animosity nor complains you have for me,
Neither questions nor answers I have for you,
Our life will pass harmoniously this way..
Me ahead and you behind tagging along.

Hold me well with power of your determination,
Give me courage by your silent smiles,
Keep your faith on me always,
You will be given credit for my journey of success,
Hold me strongly on the ground after the success..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
#Saw today a loaded truck at traffic light secured with a rope,a portion of the rope has gotten loose and was dragging behind it...

It can be hypothetical talk between truck and rope
A situation where a wife follows a husband,
Or a devoted girl friend Madly in love will tag along her love...

English translation of my Hindi poem.
Jeevansathi hindi - 1 and 2
Sparkle in Wisdom
Written by
Sparkle in Wisdom  41/F/West Africa
(41/F/West Africa)   
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